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Weekly BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo, WW, 11/21

In case you haven’t noticed, we have been posting (and sometimes twice) for a long time. Well except yesterday. We took yesterday off. To keep a long story short, we have a lot to get you caught up on.… «more»

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Weekly Giveaway Linky at Journeys of The Zoo, WW, 11/19

If you live in Ottawa and even remotely like Hockey then you’ll want to check out this giveaway that could have you and three friends winning 100 Level Seats for an Ottawa Senators game! I posted a second giveaway (and… «more»

Playskool ShowCam

Get Silly and Animated with the PlaySkool ShowCam Camera

Last month, The Zoo introduced you to the Playskool ShowCam 2-in-1 camera and projector. Since that time, it has hardly left Artemis’ side. Yes, there was even that night that “Teddy” wanted to sleep with it. Quite honestly, even a… «more»

Weather Vane

The Day That My Son Died (in my Mind)

For the past four years, it’s come. It starts in early October. The exact date isn’t set in stone. My heart just knows when it’s time. For the first few weeks, it only happens every other day or so. But,… «more»