Friday, June 18, 2010

Internet Problems

For those of you who don’t know, our phone system is “Voice Over IP” (Vonage), our internet service is “RipNET” (a small local company, Bell and Rogers don’t offer support) and our cell phone doesn’t work at the house. In other words, when we lose the internet, we’re in deep “trouble” Arkansas. Usually we lose the server once a month (yes, that often) and today was such a day. It’s funny how much we rely on the internet (and don’t even realize it) until it’s gone.

Not that it matters much as I don’t have much time for phones and computers anymore. Although, I do look forward to and am challenged by trying to come up with a post concept each day, for all my fans…

To get caught up…

Nanna Hood arrived yesterday.

The kids went to the doctor for their 6-month check-up. Luckily (for them, not me!) the nurse wasn’t in so we have to go back in two weeks for their shots. Don’t they realize that it takes me two weeks to plan for such an excursion. In addition, I won’t have my mother to help me. Such is life.

Here is a picture of them at the doctors office.

Zombie Child #3

Max and his Toys

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