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Royal Canin Cat Food Challenge Starts with Success #CatsAgingGracefully

Aries The Cat is my first grown-up pet. Or should I say, I’m her first servant.The past 17 years have been wonderful and she looks better than most 84-year old ladies! However, there’s no denying that she’s aged.When I heard about the Royal Canin Aging Gracefully Challenge, I knew that she deserved to live out the rest of her life in luxury with Royal Canin!

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Since beginning the transition around two weeks ago, Aries has had so many successes! Most importantly, her appetite has increased significantly and her digestion has improved.

Just a fancy saying for her poo looks better.

Three years ago, when The Kids came along, we had to move Aries food into the bathroom and have only brought it back into the kitchen recently. I’m not sure if this was the sole cause of her significant weight loss, however, we took her to get checked out but the tests showed no obvious problems. Note that Aries went from a plump 15lbs to around 8bs and was frequently vomiting after eating.

I’m not sure what made her come into the kitchen that first day. Perhaps it was the new smell of Royal Canin’s “Aging 12+” hard and moist cat food or the sound of the can opening but she was in the kitchen in a minute and has hardly left it since.

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Her appetite has improved dramatically.

In the past, I used to mix moist cat food with her hard food and she loved it. For some reason, I stopped doing it and had forgotten how much she loved it until I started her on it two weeks ago. At that same time, I started to free feed her. So, for this exercise, I didn’t have any idea how much she was or wasn’t eating. Fortunately, the back of the package has recommendations and Royal Canin’s vet suggested 1/3 to 1/2 cup of hard food with a can of moist cat food.

I’ve been varying between the two amounts but no matter how much I give, she always comes back a few times and the bowl is empty in the morning. I always give her a small amount of hard food in another bowl so that she doesn’t go hungry but she’s not as impressed without the moist food. She knows what she likes!

Speaking of which, you know when you get a bag of your favourite chips and you don’t want to share any so you inhale it in two minutes flat.


I was surprised that the first five ingredients were; wheat gluten, wheat flour, chicken by-product, brewers rice and pork fat. I know nothing about a pets required nutrition but I would have thought that the first ingredient should have been “real meat”. Or, maybe that’s what the other companies want me to think is important.

Aging cats need a specific diet, with all nutrients in precise proportions, in order to fulfill their special needs. Again 12+ supplies nutrients, essential fatty acids, and an exclusive antioxidant complete to support the specific needs of aging cats.

Personally, I believe that Royal Canin works with highly trained professionals and has done their research. I say that because I never would have thought that chicory, dried tomato, green tea and marigold extract (amongst many others) would also be included. Royal Canin knew.


Digestion problems are a thing of the past.

You’re going to need to trust me when I tell you that Aries bowel movements have never looked better! Aries refused to let me take pictures. I can confirm that they have been much darker in colour, not as hard, hardly smell at all and have been about the same amount as before even though she’s eating way more.

The big bonus is that Aries has only vomited once since she started her new diet. ONCE! Considering it was an almost regular occurrence, this is a significant improvement. Not only do I not have to clean it up and/or slip on it in the dark but her body is now getting the nutrients it needs.

Aries lying around

Click to read our next Royal Canin Cat Food post on Aries energy levels and her overall appearance.

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Note that Journeys of The Zoo received compensation and products that enabled us to participate in this campaign.

This is part one of a three part challenge.

13 thoughts on “Royal Canin Cat Food Challenge Starts with Success #CatsAgingGracefully

  1. Shayna Murray

    Our 21 year old cat passed away last year. For the last 5 years of her life we fed her nothing but Royal Canin (except for the odd soft food treat). She did incredibly well on the Royal Canin for older cats. It was easier on her teeth and her tummy. You never would have guessed my looking at her how elderly she was.

  2. Crafty Zoo

    I’m so glad to hear about Aries’ poo…. I mean weight gain! LOL. It’s crazy how different foods make such a huge difference in digestion! It’s good to hear she is back on the fat-uh- fast track to healthiness! 😀 Furry cats just look sad when they are tiny!

  3. Christy Maurer

    I’m glad she is doing much better with her digestion issues! My kitties are aging as well. One of my cats used to weigh over 20 lbs. I know that’s too much but he’s down to around 14 lbs and looks skinny to me now! I will look for this next time I go to Petsmart! I see they have it there 🙂

  4. Sandy A

    I’m so glad Aries is doing better and enjoying her Royal Canin. I have been a long-time supporter of Royal Canin food – first for my hedge hog I used to have (he LOVED his Royal Canin, lol) and now for my dog, Bella. She also loves her Royal Canin and gobbles it up every day. I am very confident in the nutritional value of RC products and know that they are top-quality (I’ve had many vets/human shelters recommend their food). Thanks for a great review, Sarah. Love the video btw 🙂


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