Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nanna’s a Pack Rat but Where is Uncle Andrew’s Lederhosen?

Max in Uncle Andrew's Knit BloomersNanna keeps (almost) everything.After the kids were born, she gave me boxes and boxes and boxes full of stuff from my childhood.

Literally, every picture, piece of pottery, bracelet (you get my drift) that I’d ever made.

Some of Andrew’s stuff also made it to me.

We had a good laugh over the (ple)leather red lederhosen that he had worn on many occasions.

Luckily for Max, they were donated (to the Smithsonian, smile). Nowadays, dressing your kids in clothes like that is considered abuse. When she gets back from her European vacation, I’ll ask her to find a picture of Andrew in it, I’m sure that she’s kept a picture…

Max Wearing Knit Bloomers

We did keep a couple of items and it turns out that they now fit Max.

Here he is modeling the knit blue bloomers and railroad ballcap that are now 35 years old (and still going strong).

The cap matches Uncle Andrew’s Oshkosh railroad overalls (they’re still way too big).

And a picture of Artemis petting (read: annoying) the cat.

Have Any Pack Rats in Your Family?

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