Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And the Giveaway Winner of the $50 in Coupons is…

The contest has closed.

The results have been written on a scrap piece of paper tallied.

While you’re all waiting with bated breath, I wanted to make a few notes and walk you through the so basic it’s silly selection process.

Note 1: I have removed three comments from eligibility. One from nrobak regarding email subscription, one from jayda regarding email subscription and a friendly comment from seapotato.
Note 2: I sent emails to nrobak and jayda encouraging them to verify their email subscription. I mean, this is a family friendly blog and we’re friendly.

The selection process involved me randomly writing numbers on a piece of paper a highly intricate numbering process. I then asked our previously selected, unbiased, in no way involved representative, herein referred to as “Ed” to pick a number between 1 and 55.

And he picked………………………… #32 which means, Martin is the giveaway winner of the $50 in Coupons!

2. “There’s more of a risk of losing the package, because they’ll have to store it at the post office until you come pick it up. Maybe the company just wants to avoid the liability. As for UPS and FedEx, there’s no need to have them ship to a PO box, which is why they likely don’t do it. Just have it shipped to work or home, they bring it right to your door.” “Identity theft…people who do “paper” crime will oftenn get a PO box under a false name to have goods shipped there from telephone and internet orders done with stolen credit card numbers. SO, postal delivery agents, retail businesses and banks who got tired of footing the bill for thieves made it policy to get a physical address (residence) that makes it easier to prosecute.” http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071218132211AA3jAk5

It should be noted that our system is so messed up sophisticated that it wrote down Murray’s name as Martin so just pretend it says Murray instead. Sorry Murray. I’ll make it up to you by sending you the coupons (smile).

Murray, I sent you an email and you have 48 hours (until May 3, 2012 at 1am) to accept your super, awesome, amazing prize or else I’ll have to pick another sucker winner.

A big thanks to everyone for playing along. I had so much fun that I might annoy all of you further by hosting another giveaway. Speaking of which, keep your eyes open for (hopefully) May’s giveaway. This one will feature a talented Canadian artist!

P.S. Anyone know anything about random.org…

Update. Murray has accepted his prize and it will be mailed out to him today. Turns out we live about 30 kms from each other. What a small world.

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