Monday, September 24, 2012

The Time I Spoke to a Human Being #thanksalexa!

I was messing around with things I shouldn’t be trying to get updated metrics on Alexa and I accidently deleted my account.

Most of you are probably thinking “Alexa, never heard of Her” and “How is this blogworthy”. While the rest of you are thinking,

“Oh no, say it isn’t so!”

Sadly, it’s true.

Once I could see through the tears got things together, I decided to try and contact them for support. If you’ve ever had a problem with something internet related, chances are, you know what I’m talking about.

You spend 30 minutes trying to find an active forum with people that will actually answer your questions as opposed to talking about themselves and then you wait….

and wait…

and wait.

All the while kicking yourself for even trying to change the font size in the first place and thinking that your blogging career is all over. The best part is that sometimes, you can’t even post to the forum if you’ve been locked out of your account (hello somebody that rhymes with “pacebook”).

Much to my surprize, I was able to find a contact email address.

Ha, they weren’t fooling me.

I know how it goes, the email either gets eaten by the “internet gremlins” or receives the standard response of,

Thank you very much for contacting us, your problem is important to us, a support representative has been assigned to your case and will get back to you shortly. Note that we are currently experiencing a back long of issues because our product SUCKS so please do not expect a response in the next 20 years.

You can imagine my surprize when a few hours later, I received an email response.

From a real live person.

Who had a name.

And knew what she was talking about.

She got me all sorted out, answered all my 4,531 questions, many of which were totally unrelated to my initial problem and even gave me information that I otherwise wouldn’t have known to ask. It’s hard to ask a question when you don’t know what to ask. Make sense?

Was this a Dream?

I did the only thing possible.

I forwarded our entire email thread on to her Management telling them what a Superstar she was and how much I appreciated a real, live person with a name on the other end of my email.

Well, that and I went out and bought a lottery ticket.

Note that my readers may not experience the same challanges that I face with similar or same companies.

For the sake of integrity, when all was said and done, it turned out that I didn’t actually delete my account. In fact, I ended up updating it for the better.

Note that I did not receive any compensation in exchange for writing this post, unless being treated like a real human being counts #happycustomer.

Besos, The Zoo

6 thoughts on “The Time I Spoke to a Human Being #thanksalexa!

  1. Rene

    Hilarious! Personal contact – a dying art form indeed. Glad to hear that they provide such great service! I can only hope for the same service from my cellphone provider next time I need to contact them! (not holding my breath)


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