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Alphabites A-Z Puzzle + Food Playset Cooks up Creativity

Rockpretty Kids LogoThere are a lot of toys for kids on the market. Make that a lot. Over the years, I’ve been fooled by my fair share of them with promises that they never delivered on and to be honest, I should have known. There are a few guidelines that I usually follow and when I do I’m not disappointed. The Kids most recent toy is an example of that.

They were gifted the Begin Again Alphabites A-Z Puzzle + Food Playset from Rockpretty Kids, an online Canadian company that sells Modern, Unique and Eco Chic Products for Kids Age 3 – 8 years old. Initially, I planned on saving the present for their birthday next month but once they caught sight of it there was no turning back. I decided to run an experiment and not tell them anything about the product and just watch to see what two five-year olds would do with it.

Rockpretty Kids Alphabite2

Grows with Your Child

For the first 30 minutes, The Kids created culinary delights using the kitchen foods and tray that also doubled as an oven top. I had eggs, bacon and juice for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. Then, things got interesting as they started to count the items and then stack them into tall buildings and spell out the words and, you get my drift. Once it was time to clean-up, they realized that it was also a puzzle and so began the challenge of figuring out how all the pieces fit together. Rinse and repeat. Several times.

Rockpretty Kids Alphabite3

Educational Value

Besides the reasons already listed above, there were other ways to educate The Kids about the world around them. After Artemis served me a tray of goodies including, a donut, cookie and ice cream (she’s got a real sweet tooth), we talked about balanced meals, the different food groups and even different ways that we could sort the 27 pieces (by colour, shape and size, etc). This product is recommended for age 3+ and I can see it being incorporated into The Kids play for years to come.

Rockpretty Kids Alphabite4

Quality and Socially Responsible Materials

Based on the quality of the products that Rockpretty Kids sells, you can tell that they want to offer well made and robust products that will outlive the child. This product is a perfect example of that. There aren’t any pieces that can break (excluding the tray) and it’s made from sustainably harvested rubberwood with child safe finishes. It also meets EN, ASTM and CPSIA standards. I am very impressed with this product and can’t wait to see what creative ideas The Kids come up with next.

If you love Loyalty Programs then they have that too. If you choose to sign up for their Loyalty Program (a contest entry below) as a Journeys of The Zoo reader you will receive an additional 200 points (worth $10) by entering “Pretty” in the Promotional Code box. It’s that easy.

And… they’re celebrating Black Friday from November 28 to December 2 with up to 20% off Hape Toys, Aden + Anais, 25% off all accessories and 20% off S’well Bottles and more! As well as Free Shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders over $25 for the holiday season.

But that’s not all! One of my readers will have the chance to make a child smile this Christmas by winning one for themselves!

Rockpretty Kids Alphabite Giveaway

Win a Alphabites A-Z Puzzle + Playset!

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Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

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232 thoughts on “Alphabites A-Z Puzzle + Food Playset Cooks up Creativity

  1. Rene

    I think some Lunchbots and the Great Pretenders – Wall Mirror Sticker would be awesome – what a great selection and variety!

  2. Margaret MacKenzie

    My little guy loves the tub and anything that floats so he would love the Boon – Fleet Stacking Boats.

  3. rita pipher

    my husband and daughter would love this The Tegu – Magnetron Solar Station it would be the perfect gift for Christmas since it ‘s something they both could do together

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  6. Karen O

    I like (actually I love) the MadPax Bubble Backpack – Limited Edition – Warp Speed – Full. I have never seen anything like this. It is awesome.

  7. AMY G


  8. Sarah D.

    Those Lay n Go mats look cool. Would make it really easy to pick up the toys that the children want to keep playing with the next day.

  9. Marilyn Nawara

    Lots of great toys on this site that my grandson would love to have. I think he would really enjoy playing with the Bamboo Mini Monster Truck.

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