Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Handmade Jewellery that is Made in Canada — Made by LinLin

Remember how I won that giveaway from “Made by LinLin” (rhetorical question), well, Lindsay and I have teamed up to offer you more of her creative goodness!

Lindsay is a fellow Canadian based out of Vancouver, British Coloumbia. She writes;

“I sell handmade, unique, quality, and affordable jewellery and accessories for all ages and styles. I opened MadeByLinLin on November 2011 and have never been happier designing and creating products for people around the world.”

Lindsay has graciously offered up 3 pairs of rose stud earrings, 1 rose ring and 2 rose bobby pins. You get to choose the colours you’d like. What a haul!

Made by LinLin Earrings
Made by LinLin Rings
Made by LinLin Bobby Pins

As for me, I chose lavender, black and red and left the ring colour up to Lindsay. She chose yellow which just happens to be one of my favourite colours (I didn’t even tell her). I have worn each of the items several times and love the compliments.

I mean, (another rhetorical question coming here), where can you get affordable, handmade, Canadian-made jewellery for less than $10 but that makes you look like a million bucks?

Have something in mind that you don’t see in her shop (unlikely as she makes everything from necklaces, to hair accessories to bracelets)? No problem, send Lindsay an email with your ideas and she’ll work with you to bring them to life. Want to stay on top of all things “Made by LinLin”? Join their newsletter.

Handmade Jewellery that is Made in Canada — Made by LinLin

Note that this was the first giveaway that I ran and I’m not sure who won it. However, I do remember that they received their prize.

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product(s) that enabled us to complete this review.

275 thoughts on “Handmade Jewellery that is Made in Canada — Made by LinLin

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    Oh wow, the grass green and turqoise colours are delicious. The chrysanthemum studs just blow my mind with their loveliness. The translucent peach, teal and grey colours are also divine.

    The two-toned flowers are gorgeous! ->

    The Sample Pack is a brilliant idea ->

    A definite new fave Etsy artist! Just lurved her store as user Auqakuh.

    I was just going to wrap it up, then I found the cut-out filigree pieces. I’m in heaven!!

    Alright. I’m backing away slowly.

    rararomp at gmail dot com

  2. Cathy

    wow there is so much to chose from… I love the bracelets,earrings and necklaces okay I love it all. Took me awhile to look at it all. What a talented lady.

  3. agnieszkazg

    I'd choose Light Aqua Blue, Hot Pink and Yellow earrings, Light Aqua Blue rose ring and two Light Aqua Blue bobby pins 🙂

    also hearted her etsy shop 😉

  4. Sarah

    I think the C H E R R I E S – French Clip Dangle Earrings are just adorable…such a creative idea.

    I hearted the shop on Etsy

    Etsy Name: sparmeland


  5. Anonymous

    this jewelery is Soooo cute I really hope I win!! either way i know where i'm getting my earrings next time! thank you for opening me to this!! 😀


    stamp4ever at yahoo dot com

  6. theresa love

    Couldn’t fond where to comment on etny, so contacted her with color choice and my email for verification.



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