Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling Verklempt

Change in plans (I’m sure you’re not surprised). Ed and Reina went alone to the vet. After some sleep thought I realized that all of us didn’t need to go (especially because the kids would have missed a short nap, snack and dinner).

It only took them 40 minutes, including a (regular) stop at the border to get where they were going. FYI, that’s the same amount of time that it takes us to get into Ottawa.

Thankfully (it seems kind of funny to write that), Reina’s condition is exactly as we thought. X-rays showed that her bones and joint were intact, she does not have arthritis, however, her ACL is torn (where we don’t know, they can’t tell from the x-ray). The doctor prescribed some painkillers and her surgery (Extracapsular Repair) is scheduled for Thursday.

Ed was very impressed with the doctor and his practice. They were very busy and had all the latest equipment (they even had a bile chromatograph, only Ed would know what this was and/or get excited over it). The only problem (for Ed) was when he went to pay, he realized that he’d left his Mastercard at home. Not a problem, use the Visa, oops, expired, not a problem use American Express, oops, the vets Amex system was down. Thankfully, I sent him with a pile of American money otherwise, Ed would be washing down dog cages as we speak.

Before her x-ray, they had to give Reina a cocktail to make her relax. While they were giving her the shot, she looked up at Ed as if to say “what is going on here, will I be all right”? Ed said that he was suddenly feeling very verklempt. He was thinking about the day when her time is up…

Thankfully, now is not the time. She’s still got a lot of years left in her!

P.S. It’s times like this where I think of our pet turtles, Phlegm and Catarrh, RIP.

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