Thursday, May 7, 2015

Win $90 in Coupons and an FPC

coupon giveaway-august

The last time that I offered a coupon giveaway was in November and we were just leaving for Mexico. This time, it’s May and we’ve just been back from Mexico for a month. Coming home requires as much prep work as leaving so I’ve hardly had a chance to stock the shelves let alone get organized with coupons.

But I don’t mind because I know that they’ll go to good use when one of you wins them. That’s right, YOU!

I’ve amassed $90 in coupons, 5 BOGOs and 2 Mail in Rebates as well as an FPC for a can of Gay Lea Real Coconut Whipped Cream (valued at no more than $3.99).

Save with Brands like; Finish, Friskies, Glade, Ziploc, Beneful, OxiClean, Arm & Hammer, Dr. Beckmann, Burnbrae Farms, Smuckers, Keebler, Live Clean, Children’s Benedryl, Centrum, Johnson’s Products, Children’s Tylenol, Blue Dragon, Kraft and Garnier.

As usual, I will continue to add coupons as I receive them so expect a few surprises. This giveaway has a quick turnaround because the coupons start expiring on May 29 so please share with your friends. Be sure to Subscribe via Email to Journeys of The Zoo so that you are notified of our regular coupon giveaways.

Besos, The Zoo

69 thoughts on “Win $90 in Coupons and an FPC

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  2. jan

    there was a post last year about your kids at school in mexico. they were not enrolled, but you brought them anyways. loved that story.

  3. Louanne Baelde

    The favourite for me is the WIN $90 in Coupons and an FPC, CAN, 5/16 #canwin. Thank you for the chance!

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  5. marlene smith

    it’s been a long time since I have seen something but I remember seeing something from I think it was a Blog I think a children talking to strangers and your recipe links and there were trips it’s been awhile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Marlene,

      Thanks for coming back and getting caught up on all things “Zoo”. Yes, we wrote a post titled “Do you Let Your Kids Talk to Strangers” (we do) and of course we recently spent four months living in Mexico. I’m currently writing a post about our week trip to Disney last month and of course there will be lots more giveaways.

      Besos Sarah.
      Sarah recently posted…WIN at the Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky, CAN, 5/19 #canwinMy Profile


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