Friday, December 14, 2012

Creative Ways to Get your Kids to Eat with Funbites


Every toddler goes through stages of not wanting to eat.

Whether they are feeling under the weather, a little cranky, or asserting their independence.

Regardless, no parent wants to battle with their children over food.

That’s why Funbites is such a great tool to get kids engaged in food preparation in a fun and exciting way.

The bonus, they actually want to eat it!

Every Sunday, my friend Rene and her daughter come over for pancakes. The kids look forward to it all week. Since the Funbites arrived on Friday, I thought that we could have a little fun with our breakfast.

We added beet puree to the batter for some colour and an extra serving of vegetables. The kids hardly even noticed they were so excited to try out the Funbites cutters and taste their creations. A win for everyone! I’m really glad that we had one of each design (cubes and hearts).

funbites collageThey didn’t stop there. They had so much fun that they wanted to cut up other foods such as bananas and apples. Rene was pleased because Sidney tried some foods that she won’t normally eat.

The packaging was minimal and totally recyclable, which scores big points with me. The product was made out of durable plastic and even though the kids were supervised, I didn’t feel like they could easy hurt themselves with it considering they are under the age of three.

I was also impressed with the price. At only $12.99 each, it’s well worth it to get a few. You’ll wonder why you didn’t buy them eons ago when your kids are fighting over cutting up their tomatoes and cucumber.

There are so many foods that you can use it on but some suggestions are; sandwiches, cheese, and melons.

I can’t wait to see what shapes they come up with next!

Funbites are Fun for the Whole Family!

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Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product that enabled us to complete this review.

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