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Eco-Friendly Stationery from Night Owl Paper Goods

Night Owl Paper Goods Logo
Cute little owls with their big eyes make my heart smile. Seeing the face of others when they receive beautiful stationery makes me smile. What if someone put the two together, threw in some handmade love and added a giveaway as a bonus. Look no further because this post is full of smiles, Thanks to Night Owl Paper Goods!

Smile #1: The Little Details. Customized fabric bags where the location states “Birmingham, OWLabama”, owl stickers, and colourful matching envelopes. Here’s a bit more information about the people behind the details;

With a passion for fine craftsmanship, detail and the environment, Alan Henderson and Jennifer Tatham went out on a limb to start a stationery company devoted to creating handmade letterpress cards and eco-chic wooden goodies.

The duo finds inspiration in the versatile works of Swedish and American folk artists, British haberdashers, as well as the cute critters and colossal colors that Mother Nature provides daily.

I’m a list maker. In turn, I have tons of little, ugly pads of paper everywhere. They’re the flimsy kind so the pages often get torn off. Only the important pages. They’ve even been known to get eaten by the “shuffle of papers gremlins” that are on my desk. That’s a disaster of the past with

Smile #2: The Journal and matching notebook.

Night Owl Paper Goods Journal Collage

The journal measures 7.5×5.5″, contains a sturdy 5/8″ wire spiral binding, lined paper-double sided and has a cover made of wood! Like all their products, it’s eco-friendly as it’s made from sustainably harvested wood. I love that the wood grain is visible as it adds to the folksy nature of the designs and makes the colours pop. From now on, my lists are styling at the top of the pile.

Night Owl Greeting Cards

Smile #3: A Wooden Card? Have you ever received one because I haven’t. The closest I’ve come is one made of cardstock so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Even when they arrived, I thought, they’re so thin, they’ll probably snap in two. As you can see from the picture, like the journal cover, they’re really flexible. Even when The Kids got a hold of them, they didn’t break. And the wood felt so smooth.

They offer pre-existing greeting cards for a variety of occasions such as; birthdays, anniversaries and thank yous. If you don’t see something in your style, create your own for as little as only $4 (depends on quantity)!

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of these products and pleased to see that they were made in North America. I am very excited to hand deliver the first one.

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Besos, The Zoo

133 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Stationery from Night Owl Paper Goods

  1. Dawn L.

    I would choose a selection of birthday, sympathy, and holiday cards. I also love the Hazel Hedgehog and Otter School of Fish journals! -dawnlovesdahlias-

  2. Miki

    Oh, my! They have so many awesome things! But I guess if drawn the winner I’d choose the Flying Monkey Journal; I so need a new journal!


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