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Changing Lives — One Act of Kindness at a Time @Schneiders #TasteOfTheBigLeagues

Schneiders Acts of KindnessHave you ever waited in line at your favourite coffee shop only to get to the cashier and be told that someone else had paid your bill? How about rushing outside expecting to find a ticket on your windshield because you’d forgotten to pay the meter but instead, you found it paid to the max? Or, in my particular case, the time that someone gifted me a quarter the day after Alexander died.

That one gesture changed my life forever.

I’m a firm believer in the saying that “it’s better to give than receive” and I try to do my part wherever I can. I admire and support others that do the same. Not for their own benefit but for the sake of others. That’s why, when I saw Schneiders stepping up to the plate, literally and figuratively, I knew that I wanted to share it with you.

Not only because I’m a huge fan of their Country Naturals product line, which is gluten-free and contains no artificial ingredients and preservatives but also because their sausages and burgers make BBQing quick and easy. Anything that cuts down on prep time, stress and let’s me spend more time with my family gets a thumbs up in my books.

Schneiders is Changing Lives One Act of Kindness at a Time

Schneiders Taste of the Big Leagues

In celebration of Baseball Day in Canada on August 10, Schneiders employees in partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays* surprised the Scarborough Stingers and North York Blues with a once-in-a-life time “big league” experience. They upgraded their baseball diamond, invited Ace the Blue Jays Mascot, had play-by-play announcers, a video production team, and brought scores of fans, Schneiders volunteers, hot dogs and sausages to make the little league game larger than life.

Grab a tissue while you watch this short video, you’re going to need it.

Seeing kids dreams come true is yet another way that Schneiders supports their community. It’s incredible how one act of kindness can have such an impact on the lives of others. Even though I wasn’t there, it gave me goosebumps. What about you?

Have you Seen How an Act of Kindness Changed a Life?

* Did you know that Schneiders is the official hot dog of the Toronto Blue Jays.

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34 thoughts on “Changing Lives — One Act of Kindness at a Time @Schneiders #TasteOfTheBigLeagues

  1. Rene

    That’s really sweet. I truly believe in acts of kindness, just because, and expecting nothing in return. The more we talk about it, the more it will happen!


    An act of kindness cannot be measured in how big the gesture is but that it was given in kindness. When hubby and I were at the Indy500 in Toronto, hubby found a wallet. After trying to contact this person via Facebook (we were hoping it was connected to his phone) we turned it over to a Police Officer who turned it into the lost and found. Hopefully the young man got it back. It takes your breathe away when you lose something.

    Friday evening while shopping at Walmart, I left my book containing Id’s, credit cards, banking cards, I wasn’t sure if I had left it at the register or outside in the shopping cart. To my amazement it was at customer service the next day when I went to ask about it. Thank you to who ever returned it. It was an act of kindness I will never forget.

  3. HEIDI C.

    This had me in tears. What a wonderful community initiative Schneiders took on! I wish more companies would do things like this.

  4. HEIDI C.

    This had me in tears. What a wonderful community initiative Schneiders took on! I wish more companies would do things like this.

  5. Amy Lovell

    What a wonderful program! I love how all the big companies are doing somthing to give back to the community!

  6. Lee-Ann

    I try and do as many raoc as possible – and have had one happen to me! It was my first ever and I was so excited. Person in front of me at Tim Hortons bought my coffee. =)

  7. Carla

    what a wonderful video – such an incredible thing for them to do and why I love them! I love when people do things for me so it makes me feel good inside to do so to others! I had no idea they were the official hot dogs of the Jays! Too cool!

  8. Jennpup (@jennpup)

    Absolutely! One year when we’d been hit hard with unemployment and an autism diagnosis for my son, a group of local office workers ‘adopted’ our family, buying a room full of Christmas presents and food. They bought sensory therapy items for my son – I’ve never been so touched and humbled! It was soooo hard to be in the position of ‘needing’ but I learned the beauty of seeing the kindness of strangers in action and will pay it forward!

  9. Nena Sinclair

    Way to go Schneiders! Very impressive! Actually, I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness yesterday. I’m a single parent on a very tight budget, but I feed the neglected neighborhood cats and dogs. Yesterday, one of my neighbors brought me some canned cat food for me to help out with what I do. It was a small gesture that meant the world to me!!

      1. Nena Sinclair

        Thanks Sarah, I appreciate that! Most of these cats belong to people in my neighborhood, but they just don’t look after them, it’s sad! I have 2 cats of my own, they are sterilized and they are strictly indoors. They are so patient when I bring the other cats in so they can eat and drink and have a break from the heat. Here, I live in a fairly small town and there’s no humane society, there’s a “pound”, but they just put them down. I wish people here would be more responsible and look after their pets better. I do, however, love having them around!

  10. Jessica

    All big companies should follow in this example. Giving back to the community is not only good business practice, but makes for good humans too.

  11. Karen E. Hill

    I believe that random acts of kindness are just that. Random, spur of the moment thoughtfulness, for someone other than yourself. If everyone in the world acted this way and thought of others EVERY day, the world would be a much better place to live in. I can only hope that the younger generation can learn from the mistakes this generation is making and take it upon themselves to better this world! From my lips to others ears!

  12. Vanessa

    Promoting recreation and community sports is so important! When large companies make even small donations, their investment can go such a long, long way and make such a huge difference to a neighbourhood. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wanda Tracey

    I love companies like Schneiders. and am always amazed when someone does an act of kindness towards others.I think of them as little miracles in the works and I hope they become contagious so that others will notice too and PAY IT FORWARD.

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    No, I didn’t know that Schneiders is the official hot dog of the Toronto Blue Jays, that’s news to me, they are good though so it really shouldn’t be a surprise 🙂
    I just love it when I read about various acts of kindness, the stories are so moving. There’s no reason for these acts it’s just pure goodness and mostly these good Samaritans are unknown. I take my hat off to everyone of them 🙂


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