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What Giveaway Winnings are in The Zoo’s Mailbox? [Canadian]

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Time for another installment of “What’s in The Zoo’s Mailbox”. The only difference is that this time, all the prizes come from Canadian companies.

I I Love Canada Logo Canada.

1. Porcelain Bead Bracelet Earring Set from Jaya at The Jewel Street
I don’t wear a lot of jewellery (Eric, check here for spelling accuracy); one ring and a pair of earrings. I have a few other pieces that I pull out for special occasions but nothing like this. Especially because it’s my one and only “set”. I can definitely see myself wearing it in my day-to-day casual wear (is there anything else?) but could also wear it for a formal dinner out.

Porcelain Bead Bracelet

When I first tried to put the bracelet on, I kept trying to twist the clasp (open) until I realized that it’s attached with a magnet. Neat! I’d never seen that before (I don’t get out much). It feels so strong that I have little doubt that I’ll ever lose it. I find no difference in weight to my bracelets with clasp fittings (they’re both lightweight).

I can safely say that I’m glad that someone who shall remain nameless (you know who you are…) no longer has their ears pierced or else this set would no longer be in my possession. In addition, I’ve recently lost my “go to” pair of earrings so these have taken up the role nicely.

Seeing as Jaya has a great sense of humour, I thought that I’d ask her a couple questions.

One: What is/was your favourite piece in your collection?
I like everything I create. Can a mother answer who’s your favorite child (smile)? My mom is the greatest inspiration for me. She’s a very strong hearted lady. In my childhood, she looked like an ordinary mom to me. But as I grew up and particularly after my marriage, am seeing something great in her. I see this necklace as very simple but it portrays a bold and confident attitude.

Two: What item is your best seller?
My earrings sell the best. My customers love these green turquoise ones. They say that they’re fun and unique.

Three: What is your favourite Zoo animal?
Can I pick 2? I like the Zebra and Giraffe for their patterns.

Four: A “normal” person has 32 permanent teeth. How many do you have?
I have 30 as I had two removed and had to wear braces for three years (when I was 12).

If my review and Jaya’s interview don’t convince you to check out her Etsy Shop, then how about the fact that she sent along a lovely handwritten card and you know what I think about that!

As you mentioned Jaya, we’ll have to get together for a coffee when I’m in Toronto.

2. Pwark from Louis a.k.a. TiWi (the caretaker of all things “Pwark”)
Let me start out by saying that The Professor almost didn’t come to live with us. You see, Louis sent me a Facebook message on March 27 and I didn’t see it until April 15. “Normally”, you have from 24-72 hours to respond or you forfeit your prize. But, Louis is no “normal guy” nor are his creatures!

So, who is “The Professor” you ask. Well, the latest addition to The Zoo. In keeping with the French(ish) theme (he’s actually Belgian) we named him with this guy in mind. It’s like he was All my favourite colours; oranges, yellows with a retro vibe.


A face that only a mother could love!?

Opening up the package (the cool creature on the front was such a nice touch) was like getting a birthday present on my birthday (hey, it WAS my birthday). Out fell handfuls of stickers, a screened fly jean patch and TWO Pwarks (apparently The Professor, formally known as Pwark #444 was too afraid to travel alone so he brought his friend “Skwid”). Note that the only thing that I won was the Pwark so all the extra’s were such a nice surprise.

Want your own Professor (well he’s a one-of-a-kind but there are many other special ones to choose from), check out Louis’s Facebook Page ( and his Website ( for other unique and creative items (much more than just creatures)!

We look forward to creating many more adventures with the latest member of The Zoo.

In keeping with the Canadian theme of this post, Louis has kindly translated his review into French (Canada’s other official language).

Merci Louis! (that would be French for thank you).

Le PWARK de Louis, a.k.a TiWi ( le créateur de l’univers “PWARK!”)
Pour commencer, je dois dire que Le Professeur a bien failli ne pas venir habiter avec nous. En effet, Louis m’a envoyé un message sur Facebook le 27 Mars et je ne l’ai vu que le 15 Avril. Habituellement, vous avez de 24 a 72 heures pour répondre ou vous ne pouvez réclamer votre prix. Mais, Louis n’est pas un gars ordinaire, tout comme ses créatures!

Vous vous demandez surement qui est “Le Professeur”. Bien, c’est le petit dernier addicion au Zoo. Dans le but de garder son nom dans un thème français (il est Belge) nous l’avons nommé “Professor Calculus” en tête.

[See pictures above]

N’est-il pas adorable (un visage que seul une mère peut aimer!?). C’est comme s’il était fait spécialement pour moi. Toutes mes couleurs favorites; orange, jaune avec un accent rétro.

En ouvrant le colis (la créature sur le dessus est un joli ajout) ce fut comme un cadeau de fête (en plein jour de ma fête). Il en est tombé plein d’autocollants, une pièce de jean avec une mouche sérigraphiée dessus et DEUX PWARK! (il paraitrait que Le Professeur, a l’origine PWARK #444 était effrayé a l’idée de voyager seul, donc il est accompagné de son ami “Skwid”). A noter que le prix était seulement le PWARK, donc tous les petits extras étaient des surprises.

Vous voulez votre propre Professeur ( bien qu’il soit unique, il y en a plein d’autres que vous pouvez adopter), visitez la page Facebook ( ou le site internet ( pour les autres items uniques et disjonctés (beaucoup plus que seulement des créatures)!

On espère faire plein d’aventures avec le dernier membre du Zoo.

Pour conserver l’aspect Canadien de ce billet, Louis a gentiment traduit la critique en Français (la seconde langue officielle du Canada).

Thanks Louis! [That would be anglais for merci]

3. Split Pack from Loveable Labels
I did it! All my time wasted hard work paid off. I finally won my coveted prize; a Loveable Labels Split Pack. I know, I need to get out more.

This time (versus the last time), I got personalized stickers in each of the kids names. Besides blankie and teddy, I think that this is the first thing that they don’t need to share. Ed and I have no problem with them sharing (it’s an important concept of our parenting style) but seriously, our poor kids.

I love that each pack (name) comes in their own booklet with tabs. Talk about sleek. They’ve thought of everything and even provide instructions. Not because they’re difficult to install (they’re stickers for Pete’s sake, poor Pete) but to ensure that you get the maximum stickability (new word!?). I for one appreciated (and read) them.

Max’s real name (yes, Max is only his super secret spy name) is kind of long (10 characters) but I was pleased to see that it didn’t look squished at all. However, I already knew that because you can preview your order!

My one minor issue with the split pack is that it isn’t really ideal if you have to split the pack with a boy and girl. I chose the “Nature Lovers” design and I find it a bit girly for Max. Not so much in the colours but in the designs (flowers and butterflies, not that we aren’t an equal opportunity family over here, Max wears his fair share of tutus). Next time (and trust me, there will be one), I’ll choose their Licorice Twist design with a frog icon. Or even better, maybe I’ll ask them if they could use our “Z” icon.

So just to clarify, I’ve updated my goals. Now it isn’t to win a Loveable Labels Pack but to win TWO Loveable Labels packs. Want your own pack? Check out their site at and support Canadian!

4. Jewellery from Made by Lin LinLindsay creates beautiful handmade pieces from her studio in Vancouver. Not sure if it’s the fresh air, or being surrounded by beauty (love the ocean and forests) but she sure knows about colour! I was fortunate enough to have my choice (of colours) of three pairs of earrings and a ring. The ring is adjustable (brass) but it just slipped on my ring finger like that.

Be sure to check out all her other items (she does custom work). I especially like the bobby pins!

5. Herringbone Pants from Hugh Fielding
Let me introduce you to the cutest (capri) pants. Well actually, they aren’t supposed to be capri pants but Hugh Fielding had already sent their prize (pants sized for an 11 month old) to the giveaway hosts so I couldn’t get them in Max’s size. No worries, they’re big enough in the girth so Max has been wearing them as capri pants.

Herringbone Pants from Hugh Fielding

Note that this picture is from their website. I still need to add a picture of Max wearing them!

They have this label on the inside that looks “personalized” (it’s earthy looking and worn, not a bad thing, just the way it is) and so Ed keeps telling Max that he’s wearing “Hugh Fielding’s” pants. Tee, hee.

Love the stripes around the waist and cuffs. The cuff length is 3″ and I would have turned them up more but it was creased (I just need to iron it) and didn’t want to make the picture even worse, considering I take such bad pictures negatively affect the creative integrity of the photo. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. Looking forward to warmer weather so he can wear them outside.

Hugh Fielding has great stuff for your home and kids. Be sure to check out their shop.

6. P-Touch Scrapbooking Labeller from Brother Canada
Seriously, how lucky can a girl get (rhetorical question)? This week, this labeller showed up at my doorstep (see comment about UPS guy below for additional details).

Brother Scrapbooking Labeller

As I mentioned, recently I’ve been bitten by the crafting bug. In turn, I’d borrowed Ed’s Brother Labeller (for men) but he took it back because I was using up too much of his labels because he needed to use it. I don’t need to worry about Ed borrowing mine because it came in a pretty “your husband will never steal your labeller from you” pink. The package included a handy carrying case, instructions, batteries (seriously, who provides batteries anymore, BONUS!) and TWO packs of labels (amongst other important things but I don’t want to cut into my labelling time by mentioning them, refer to the links I provided for more details).

The installation of the batteries and tape was really easy (especially because I followed the instructions, yes, I’m like that). I immediately started to label everything items of importance. Needless to say, I’m really excited to finish up my craftroom revamp.

Aries the Cat gets Labelled

The only problem I had was that I broke one of the (plastic) clasps on the box and now it won’t close. They have a “one year brother labeling machine limited warranty” so I’ll give them a call and let you know what happens. Speaking of which, brother is so efficient that my package came with a personalized letter (love those!) to be used as a “proof of purchase” (which was necessary for me to register my labeler online, which I did and was so easy that it took me less than 2 minutes to do!).

7. Family Four Pack to Chimpanzee the Movie (Disney)Believe it or not, I have been entering giveaways for prizes that I have no intention of using (quell the laughter please). This was one such prize. While entering, I thought, Grey, Drey and Nanna who live in Toronto (I do not) could use it but when the time came (and I’d actually won), it turned out that my Aunt Bib was getting married on that day and so they couldn’t attend. Plan B: my cousin Heidi. Luckily, she totally rearranged her life and cancelled her plans in order to attend the advanced screening. Here’s what she had to say.

Thank you so much for this opportunity for a family outing. No popcorn tales, I snuck in Girl Guide cookies, fruit snacks and granola bars. No drinks though, that would be wrong. The movie was great, Jeffrey (seven year old boy) had seen trailers for it the week before and was asking to see it. He and Cameron watched the whole thing. Stephanie (five-year old girl) only lasted 45 minutes. It showed a chimpanzee family live in the wild, play, sleep, gather food highlighting the challenges and rewards of the search and success of opening a nut. They all had names and an important role in the family. I love the way Oscar stayed so close to mom until he was strong enough to explore on his own.

As for the drink comment, that is “Classic Heidi”!

Heidi My Cousin and Her Family

Note that this picture was used with permission.

8. One Year Subscription to
Last but not least, the first ever edition of EcoParent magazine arrived and even the feel of it tells me that this magazine is special

EcoParent Magazine

It feels extra durable (kind of like tyvek) but still the nice feel of a paper magazine that you’re used to. It feels this way because it’s been printed on “Canadian-made Enviro100 Satin 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper compared to a typical 100% recycled paper. In turn it saved; 53,000L of water, 963kg of water, 3,217 kg of CO2 (the average emission of one car for a whole year), 12 kg NOx (37 days worth of a large truck’s emissions) and 22GJ (101,259 60W lightbulbs for one hour). Who knew that there were differences in recycled paper!

In flipping through, it appears that the magazine is regionalized (the address sticker for mine references Smith Falls) and there are local (provincial and national) advertisements one of which is from “A Mother’s Touch” which I love (and have done business with).

Know someone that has everything but wants to make a difference? By giving them a subscription to this magazine you’re helping the environment, supporting Canadian and learning about the world around you. I’m looking forward to catching some time to read.


Off to check the Mailbox!

One thought on “What Giveaway Winnings are in The Zoo’s Mailbox? [Canadian]

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    I am in awe of your magical mailbox.

    That porcelain bead earring and bracelet set is incredibly gorgeous.

    “The Professor” is utterly charming! I want to ask him what my future holds. He has a real air of wisdom about him.

    I sprayed the screen with tea laughing at your Aries label. Aries is lovely! I have a huge love for cats, despite a debilitating allergy to them. I’m also an Aries (zodiacally-speaking (??) – you keep underlining, mysterious Blogger spell-checker!) and as a teen was obsessed with the planet Mars which led to the inception of one of my oldest and dearest internet aliases, “Auqakuh Reina”. Auqakuh is Quechuan for ‘Mars’ and from trolling around a bit I’m pretty confident you know what Reina means. 🙂

    I was also lucky to win a pass to Chimpanzee and I dragged my husband and brother with me. It really was a great peek into the lives of chimpanzees and the footage was breathtaking, but we all left feeling it lacked something we just couldn’t pinpoint. I think it might have been that the narrative seemed a bit overdone at times. I really loved that in the credits they included footage of the crew and the intensity they went through in capturing the scenes.

    I’m not a parent and likely never will be (I will be the Best Aunt Ever! 😉 ), but EcoParent looks pretty awesome. So, what’s the verdict? Can a lip gloss really make you smarter? 😛


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