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Unique and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

graphic-christmas treeIt’s been a while since we told you what’s in The Zoo’s mailbox. Seeing as Christmas is only three-ish weeks away, we thought we’d share with you some of the unique and affordable Christmas gift ideas for Kids and Moms.

Before we go any farther, I should let you know that Journeys of The Zoo doesn’t actually have a Christmas tree. Well, we do but it’s in a box in the basement and it hasn’t seen the light of day since I took it down March 23, 2003 in preparation for my move. Up until that point, it had been a permanent fixture in my living room since November 2000.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I was known as “The lady with the Christmas tree”. I would turn the lights on every quarter December, March, June, September and the neighbours would come over for a chat.

If you’re surprized then you need to read my blog more.

Here are some of the goodies that will be under our tree, if we had one.

1. Moeys Music Party!

The Zoo loves Moey. So much so that we’ve reviewed their Princess Revolution! and Happily Ever Moey CDs. We now have the Hat Trick!

Award Winning Moeys Music Party Kids CD
I never get tired of Moey and that’s a good thing because the kids ask to listen to Moey Given the affordable cost ($13.98), that’s about $0.07 a day and counting. You can’t beat that price!

Even though a few of the songs are the same on the various CDs, each time, Moey has given them a new life and sound.

And it’s not only The Zoo that has taken notice. The Princess Revolution! CD recently received a “Parent’s Choice Gold Award”. Congratulations Moey, The Zoo loves you!

Connect with Moey Website | Facebook | Twitter

2. Funbites Food Cutter

I’ve read tons of great things about these “Bite-sized Mealtime Magic”! Tired of cutting food into small shapes for your picky eater? Want to minimize choking risks or save time and dazzle at the next baby shower? This product is for you.

funbites food pack

Funbites are Mom-Created and Kid-tested for Fun. They come in different shapes and sizes and allow your child to get involved.

Even the pickiest of kids will want to help out! You can use it on almost any food, such as; fruit, grilled cheese, and pancakes.

I’m really looking forward to receiving ours and telling you all about it.

Connect with Funbites Website | Facebook | Twitter

3. K.W. Bloom

Review KWBloom Knit Dinosaur Kid Hat

I love to knit and I love cute things so when K.W. Bloom sent us knit dinosaur hats and legwarmers for Max and Artemis we were twice as happy!

The timing couldn’t be better as a cold front (a.k.a. winter) is now here and the kids need to dress up whenever they go outside.

Connect with KWBloom Etsy Site | Facebook

4. Julep

review julep boho glam makeup

I don’t wear a lot of make-up. In fact, my previous claim to fame was that I’ve only ever worn it once. I’ll leave you guessing as to why that was. But then, I went to ShesConnected and they had this 50ShadesofGrey party so I got my make-up done. I know, I’m wild and crazy.

Having said that, when I initially heard of Julep’s monthly subscription offering, I thought, “probably not my thing” and then my Boho Glam package arrived.

Did I mention that it only took 12 days and came from the US.

In my box were three items; Alicia and Alyson nail polish as well as Pedi creme. I loved the nail polish colours and found the time to give myself a quick pedicure. The Alicia was totally my colour, looked bright and lasted until I wanted a change.

Even I’m pleased to say that I will definitely use all three of the items.

A Big Thanks for All The Gifts!

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received products that enabled us to complete this review.

17 thoughts on “Unique and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Shayna Murray

    My daughter absolutely LOVES music. It’s one of the reasons that she insists on wearing a dress every single day. She thinks you can only really dance if you are wearing a dress. I’ll have to check out Moeys 🙂

    Let’s see your pedicure? Oh wait it the hubby that like’s to show off his feet isn’t it?

  2. Mama Ash

    Great gifts! Love the hats. So why don’t you put the tree up anymore?
    Or what do you have up instead of? I hope I didn’t miss it in the post…or I’m just really daft, LOL! #pregnantbrainexcuse 😛

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    I love the crocheted hats. I had angry bird ones made for my grandsons and monkey ones made for my granddaughters last Christmas


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