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WIN at the Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky, CAN, 3/17 #canwin

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Since arriving in Mexico, I’ve been entering a lot of giveaways. I started doing it years ago, before The Kids were born. I’ve taken a break for a few years because with two kids and a blog, I haven’t had any time. I’ve missed it. I enjoy the mind wandering that occurs when I enter them, the chance to find and meet new people and the winning doesn’t hurt.

Lately, there’s been a move to “refer-a-friend” giveaways entries. The gist of it is that you spam all your friends with contest URL in the hopes that they enter and in turn, you get an extra entry. If you’re Facebook friends with me then you’ve received your fair share of these. I’m not sure whether I’m a fan or not but for now, they’re here to stay.

So, in the hope that I’ll keep some of my Facebook friends as just that, friends, I thought that I’d share my current list of referral giveaways here. For the sake of transparency, remember, if you enter, I will receive an extra contest entry.

If you want to stay on top of all these giveaways, then be sure to follow me on Facebook because I post new contests every few days. Which by the way, if you don’t follow me already, why not!? Thanks for entering and Good Luck to you too.

Feel free to add any of Canadian-Friendly ones of your own in the comments below as I’d love to enter them. FYI, I don’t enter ones that require a newsletter sign-up for Facebook Page Like or Share. I’m picky and as I mentioned above, I spam my friends enough.

  1. Win a Dell XPS 13 2015 Edition, WW, 3/13 http://muo.fm/1Ns7ZhV

  2. WIN a Cruise around Iceland, US/CAN, 3/16 @IcelandNatural http://woobox.com/ij6rcf/e2fspr

  3. Win a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge international giveaway! WW, 3/15 http://gvwy.io/mq1p1ex

  4. Win 2 Roundtrip tickets to any of Delta’s 300 destination, US/CAN, 5/8 http://bit.ly/1C28wTf

  5. Enter to win the @LandsEnd Getaway Tour Sweepstakes for a Trip for 2 to The British Virgin Islands, US/CAN, 4/1
    Click Here

  6. WIN the Motley Crue Live Nation Giveaway, US/CAN, 4/20 http://bit.ly/1Eg2JIZ

  7. Win an iPad mini 3, WW, 3/17 http://gvwy.io/qo1p2dd

  8. Win Coupons for Oasis Canada products ($50), CAN, 3/15 http://woobox.com/aiinnj/e0sh55

  9. Enter to win Over $500 in Prizes in the Outer Style Spring Giveaway, US/CAN http://woobox.com/fnaghk/e2hjte

  10. Win Tickets to see Shania Twain in Concert! CAN, 3/14 http://contests.lfpress.com/Win-Tickets-to-Shania-Twain/referrals/7b7501bd-2b23-4903-b962-f7d933cdd1b8

  11. Win Spring Break Getaway at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg, CAN, 4/6 http://bit.ly/1F2kOto

  12. Win a Free Set of New GT Radial Global Tires and $500 CASH, WW, 4/30 http://j.mp/1GlM6M3

  13. Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card, CAN, 3/17 http://bit.ly/1x9LBzy

  14. WIN at Turkey Thursday @Butterball_CA! CAN, 3/14 http://woobox.com/orbs52/e2cije

  15. Win a Wellness and Health Retreat, CAN, 3/31 http://woobox.com/tiwb7z/e1xam7

  16. Win Tickets to see Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Ottawa Senators (April 5), ON, 3/30 http://woobox.com/bda4av/e0s6di

  17. Win a 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3, http://bit.ly/1GlNmi5

  18. Win Free Movies for a Year and/or GCs, CAN, 3/30 http://bit.ly/1AcnjGy

  19. Win a Samsung Galaxy Core LTE Phone, CAN, 3/15 https://gleam.io/5q72H-uNcHj8

  20. Win $500 Amazon GC, US/CAN, 4/5 http://woobox.com/26ov93/dyof1v

  21. Win a Caillou Prize Pack, CAN, 3/25 http://woobox.com/5ngth8/dyehmq

  22. Win $40 in Kids DVDs like the Octonauts and Wiggles, US/CAN, 3/17 http://is.gd/5ixiyD

  23. Win Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast, US/CAN, 3/16 http://is.gd/W0DSME

  24. WIN Goodyear Tires from @Midas! US/CAN, 3/31http://woobox.com/nouo5s/e36ln6

  25. Win a Cruise and Stay Holiday for Two, CAN, 3/12 http://bit.ly/1CEYKrE

  26. Win Suite Tickets to the Toronto Rock/Edmonton Rush, ON, 3/16 http://woobox.com/qsrdkp/dxuh3q

  27. Win a Broil King Signet BBQ, ON, 3/29 https://facebook1.secondstreetapp.com/171121/referrals/f8864223-60c8-4ab7-adb3-21b2ace2dbdc

  28. WIN Purdys Chocolate Charles the Easter Bunny Giveaway, CAN, 3/22 http://woobox.com/5phiyj/e1dbe5

Told you I was entering a lot of giveaways…

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