Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Update on The Kids (6 Months Old) and I Take Up Knitting

For those of you that don’t remember (or I haven’t told you), here are some general updates on the kids;

1. They’ve been sleeping through the night (9-10pm to 6-7am) since 4 months of age (actual).
2. As of today they are 6.5 months old (actual) and 4.5 months old (adjusted).
3. We use their adjusted age for major milestones (development, feeding, giving milk) until they are one year old (adjusted, February 16, 2011, they were REALLY born December 11, 2009).
4. Both can roll over (front to back and back to front). Artemis has recently gotten up on all fours.
5. Both talk alot, love to smile and “interact” with each other (talk, smile, touch).
6. They are really happy babies and hardly ever fuss (they were bad with the “witching hour” for the first few months that we had them home).
7. They’ve been home almost 5 months (Max came home on January 23 and Artemis on February 5).
8. They are on exclusive breast milk, take 5-6 bottles a day and eat seven (Max) and five (Artemis) ounces per bottle.
9. Max weighs 16 lbs and Artemis weighs 12 lbs.

Knitting a Scarf

Before I got pregnant, I took up knitting. I LOVE KNITTING. However, since October, I haven’t taken up a pair of needles (no need to explain why). Today I got back into the swing of things and decided to make Max and/or Artemis a scarf (the only thing that I actually can knit). Here is a picture of it in progress.

One thought on “An Update on The Kids (6 Months Old) and I Take Up Knitting


    If you can knit a scarf, you can knit anything. I taught myself to knit years ago, have never had any help, and I've knit everything you can imagine. Even won a blue ribbon at the county fair for a sweater I knit. So don't doubt your ability. It's only knit and purl, just diff combos of those two stitches. Branch out and try something else. You'll be surprised to find you really


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