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Get Silly and Animated with the PlaySkool ShowCam Camera

Playskool ShowCam

Last month, The Zoo introduced you to the Playskool ShowCam 2-in-1 camera and projector.

Since that time, it has hardly left Artemis’ side. Yes, there was even that night that “Teddy” wanted to sleep with it. Quite honestly, even a teddy bear could take pictures with this camera but it does more then just take pictures and project them onto surfaces. Lots more!

It also lets you add fun and silly graphics with accompanying animations and sounds.

I wanted to see if The Kids would figure out this added functionality on their own so I didn’t teach them anything about it and let them explore the toy themselves. Within minutes, they’d figured out what one click of the orange button could do. They loved that there were more than 50 silly effects to customize pictures such as silly stamps and sounds, instant short stories and fun animations!

At the beginning, Artemis was a bit of a one trick pony with only using the skunk graphic and hadn’t grasped the concept that you had to line up your target (e.g. a persons face) with the graphic. Even so, she had tons of fun with it.

playskool showcam before pictures

Before the Party

So, when we got invited over to “Uncle Mikes”* place this past weekend she took it along. Her task was to capture the essence of Sausage Fest 2013 (from the perspective of a three year old).

She loved all the attention she received as the event photographer. Unfortunately, she still isn’t able to hold the camera steady enough to consistently get a sharp image but it’s just a case of being three and not because she isn’t able to physically hold the camera. Regardless, she could care less and that’s what’s important.

Then, Mike’s 12-year old daughter got a hold of it and the rest is history. She took tons of pictures and even begged her parents to get it for her for Christmas. If not them, Santa Claus (she was pulling out all the stops).

playskool showcam during pictures

During the Party. Is that a picture of Uncle Mike as a dancing ballerina?

The animations and sounds don’t accompany the picture when you download it to your computer but they do play on the camera in projection mode. The skunk says “pee-ew”, the dancers play music and the dragon roars to give you a few examples. I never get tired of watching Max laugh, sing and dance when he watches himself busting out the “John Travolta Disco” moves.

playskool showcam max and the projector

Watch for all the “After” pictures in our Next Post.

*Uncle Mike also referred to as “Mike” is our next door neighbour. We have changed his name (or not) so that he doesn’t know that we’re talking about him. Yes, he reads this blog.

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Pick. Click. Animate with the Playskool ShowCam Camera!

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265 thoughts on “Get Silly and Animated with the PlaySkool ShowCam Camera

  1. Darlene Schuller

    I don’t own any! But, I really am hoping to get Big Hugs Elmo for my new grandbaby, there are a few other things I would love to get for my Kira for christmas!

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  3. Jordana (@MamaKujo)

    We recently got Big Hugs Elmo- Mommy and Daddy love it. Miss munchkin loves him for a minute or so, but I think she’s still a little young for him because she gets a little freaked out after a bit. I’m sure she’ll warm to him soon!

    This camera though, is THE IDEAL toy for her! She’s always grabbing Mommy’s and Daddy’s phones and cameras for herself. She would love to have her own! (We would love it too!)

  4. holly

    We had some playschool toys when he was a baby, but now that he’s older, he loves his trucks and cars….. But lately he’s been into taking pictures and wants my $500 camera to do so lol so this camera would be soooo convenient:) thanks so much for the opportunity

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I don’t own any but my daughter has Playskool PLAYSKOOL EXPLORE ‘N GROW Step Start Walk ‘N Ride.

  6. Jennifer P.

    We have the EXPLORE ‘N GROW Step Start Walk ‘N Ride and the PLAY FAVORITES Busy Poppin’ Pals and my daughter loves them both!

  7. Claudette Lariviere

    Currently do not have any playskool toys, my little grandson is 8 months old and if I could buy him something i just love the PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER (Blue) its kewl…something he would grow into very soon..:-)

  8. jen s.

    So many great items! Would love to have the TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS TUMBLIN’ CHUCK Dump Truck and the Mr. Potato Head Little Taters Big Adventures Spud Safari Set.

  9. laura grouchy

    Sooo many awesome toys, im not picky lol…
    What a great giveaway ty for the chance would love to win for my lil ones.

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  11. ameirah t

    She has the LOL Elmo, so much fun, the Sesame street phone & night light Glow bug. such great toys play school makes,,

  12. Tiffany Ann Frye

    I just bought Big Hugs Elmo. Big Hugs Elmo and the Play School Camera are the two things my 4 year old has BEGGED for! I would just die if I won this camera! My son would most likely cry he would be so happy! My son has trouble sitting still (what four year old doesn’t right?) but, when he does something like plays with a table (mine) he can sit still and be calm. I would be so thrilled if i won this camera for him! My fingers are crossed!!!!!

  13. j gentry

    Playskool has always been our go to place to buy toys for our girls. One of our all time favorites has always been the P LULLABY GLOWORM Toy.

  14. cara

    We have several of these toys. The lullaby Glo Worm is still one of her favourites, and gets her back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Hopefully we will have the big hugs elmo for Christmas! Would love to have the ShowCam.

  15. michelle

    MARVEL SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES PLAYSKOOL HEROES Electronic SPIDER-MAN STUNT CITY Playset – is one of the many toys my son has and adores

  16. Rochel S


  17. Nicole B

    We have the PLAYSKOOL POPPIN’ PARK ELEFUN Busy Ball Popper which scared my son at first (so noisy) then he loved it!

  18. Brenda

    Just playdoh in multiple colors is useful. Its useful for replacing the sculpturades clay in cranium if it ever dries out.

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  20. Joanne Elford

    I would love to get the PLAYSKOOL ROCKTIVITY WALK ‘N ROLL RIDER (Blue). With all these great toys, I wish I was a kid again.

  21. Dianne Gilbert

    I don’t have any toys, however; I’d love to have a Playskool ShowCam 2-in-1 camera and projector for my great-niece.

  22. Betty

    My granddaughter would absolutely love the 2in1 Playskool camera. She loves taking pictures and this would encourage her interest.

  23. Kristen

    I love the idea of having a pre-school age camera, they can take their own photos and adding special effects makes it even more fun. On the playskool website i would love to get the hugs elmo for my cousin, and mr Potato head is a classic toy, that I remember having as a kid.

  24. Pauline Milner

    We have an abundance of Play Skool products. I am going to purchase the Big Hugs Elmo for Christmas. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  25. emily

    we own tons of playskool toys 🙂 we love them! we have the transformers rescuebots, chuck and friends galore, and too many more to think of! what we need now is to start my daughter’s collection since all the other stuff is her older brothers 😀

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  27. Dayna Wilson

    I won Big Hugs Elmo on the PTPA Fan Friday, and i am SO excited to get it.. it was really the one toy that I desperately wanted to get my son for Christmas, I can’t wait to see his little face light up!

  28. Lisa H

    I already have the Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper and I’d like to get the Tonka Chuck & Friends Tumblin’ Chuck Dump Truck.

  29. nikki b

    i got my lil boy the eleaphun ball popin for xmas i cant wait to see him try it out and id like to get a playskool club house

  30. Michelle B

    We’ve owned quite a lot of Playskool toys over the years, but my son’s favorite is his Transformers Rescue Bots!
    Our youngest daughter so badly wants a Big Hugs Elmo for Christmas.

  31. Erin

    Right now we don’t really have much in the way of Playskool stuff for the kids. My 2 step kids would LOVE one of these cameras!

  32. Erin

    We have several assorted CHUCK and Spiderman Playschool toys. We rock it boy style. We’d love to rock it a bit more with that SWEET camera!

  33. Jennifer O

    I don’t own any, but I would love to get my little brother any of the Tonka toys or the hugging Elmo or of course the Playskool show cam camera.

  34. Crystal Englot

    We don’t own any Playskool products yet. I would really like to get my son a Big Hugs Elmo for Christmas (or the Showcam!)

  35. Joshua Galus

    PLAYSKOOL POPPIN’ PARK ELEFUN Busy Ball Popper, My two daughters 3 and 1.5 love playing with this toy, it gives them some fun bonding time.

  36. Cheryl P

    Would love the Hug Me Elmo. Still have my daughters Tickle me Elmo from when she was little and this would be a fun one to give her!


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