Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My First Vine Post: Max Digs to China

Vine Logo

So, I got a new (to me) smartphone. Ed brought it back from Canada. It’s the sleek and stylish Galaxy S3. I like it. Alot. It can do lots of neat things. One of which is take “Vines”*.

The urban dictionary defines “vine” as

A short video, usually 5 to 10 seconds long of compiled clips of random stuff. They are frequently posted on social websites such as facebook, twitter etc.

So now that you’re up on all things “vine”, I thought that I’d show you the first one I took.

Once I get the kinks worked out, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these from me. Or, maybe I won’t worry about the kinks and just post vines because they’re fun. And because I have this new phone. So I can. What do you think of my first vine post?

Have you Ever Taken a Vine?

*Note that I had to download the free Vine app (for androids) in order to do this.

20 thoughts on “My First Vine Post: Max Digs to China

  1. Rene

    I should try this – how is the file size? Wondering if it’s a suitable way to send video to family…

    Glad to hear you have joined the current century 😉

  2. A.Smith

    What is this ‘Vine’ you speak of? Haha, just kidding – cute video! He seems to be making quite a bit of progress on his dig.

  3. Elva Roberts

    Do you rent Max out by the half-hour? I’ve been digging in my flower bed with much less enthusiasm than Max and with much less vigor! That short ‘vine’ of him is one of the cutest ones I have seen . I think I can do vines with my digital camera but haven’t progressed that far yet. I am digitally challenged as well. Hugs.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Elva,

      Provided you pay in bananas, I’m sure that Max would be willing to come hang out.

      When you’re ready, go to the Play Store and download the “VINE” app. It should have the same logo as this post (at the top) and it’s free. Be sure to send me the link to your first vine.

      Besos, Sarah
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