Sunday, May 1, 2011

Head Colds, Stuffed Sinuses and Sore Throats

We’re all sick.

I’ve been sick since Thursday evening, Max has been sick since yesterday, Artemis got sick today and Ed has a sore throat. Thankfully, it appears that I got the worst of it which is really weird because before I had the kids I was always healthy. It’s that weekly playgroup…

Artemis’s 7th tooth (Q) poked through the skin today. Max has been “teething” (drooling, chewing on his hand, cranky) for the past three weeks but no new teeth for him (mind you, it’s hard to tell as I have to be careful so that I don’t get bitten!). Someone suggested that maybe he’s getting in his molars next, eek!

We have had a hiatus from teeth since mid-December (check out post First Steps and More Teeth) so I’m sure that this is only the beginning. We have 14 more (times two) to go and that only leaves us 13 months for it to happen. This assumes that they’ll have all their baby teeth by 2.5 years.

Nanna and Jimbo got home last night from their European Vacation. Nanna has already called three times today to speak with the kids and let them know how she’s coming to visit on Thursday. Sure Nanna, go and get them all excited.

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