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Sunday Night at the Movies: Hyde Park on Hudson

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American History is not one of my strong subjects.Make that All History.

But when Ed found this movie that was a Comedy/Period piece. We were sure that it was a marriage made in heaven.

Hold that thought.

Besides the fact that it was the only movie to rent.

This Weeks Sunday Night at the Movies: Hyde Park on Hudson.

The movie began without any credits. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because a) I don’t usually read them and b) I know what movie I’m watching, however, as with last weeks movie, Mermaids, I was lost.

So much so that for the first quarter of the movie, I didn’t realize that the main character (Franklin Roosevelt) was actually Bill Murray.

Hyde Park on Hudson is a 2012 British biographical comedy-drama film directed by Roger Michell. The film stars Bill Murray and Laura Linney as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Margaret (Daisy) Suckley, respectively. It was based on Suckley’s private journals and diaries, discovered after her death, about her love affair with and intimate details about President Roosevelt.

Source: Wikipedia

Not knowing it was Bill was good in a way because once I figured it out (I knew that I knew him but didn’t know, make sense?), I kept expecting someone to eat a chocolate bar and clear the pool. Know the reference?

For me, he’s been typecast as a comedian and his role and the movie in general wasn’t too much about comedy. The Royals involvement was humourous, however, it didn’t work with the general theme of the movie.

Which it turns out was based on a true story.

It would have been nice to know that at the beginning as it would have brought some credibility to some of the events.

Knowing what Hyde Park and/or The Hudson was would have helped too.

Hyde Park on Hudson Movie Cover

Did I mention that I know nothing about American History…

Bill’s counterpart was Laura Linney and she was good. I think they both did a good job in showing the depth of their love. While I wouldn’t say it was an Oscar winning performance, I thought that it was good given the storyline.

Poppa says that Bill Murray in “Broken Flowers” is one of his favourite movies and he loves to watch it over and over again. I believe him because it’s the only movie that he has to watch over and over again.

In case it sounds like I would recommend this movie, I would not. However, if you’re up for some fun, watch it and then let me know what you think.

Seen Any Movies Lately?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Night at the Movies: Hyde Park on Hudson

  1. Night Owler

    Last movies I saw was Safe Haven, The Lucky One and Twilight – Breaking Dawn 2. All of which I have now.

    I’m always wanting a movie nite with myself but can never think of what movie to watch plus this blogging and net is very addicting

  2. fredamans

    Ok this is not one I’ve seen, but not being a lover of history, let alone American history, that explains why I hadn’t picked it up.
    So I ask you this, did you learn anything about their history from it?? LOL

    I watched Cheech & Chong’s Animated movie which was classic Cheech & Chong, and also the Bible miniseries. Which in itself was amazing, though I didn’t love certain depictions in it regarding good and evil. Still can’t go wrong with that kind of history in a movie, at least for me.

  3. Alaina Bullock

    I haven’t heard of this one, but I thank you for your honest review! We rent a lot of movies as opposed to going to the theater to see them, so now I know to NOT rent this one!

  4. LaVonne Long

    I wanted to watch this on the airplane last week but with two kids, I could just check out for a couple hours and ignore them 🙁

    I’d like to rent it though.

    Thanks for sharing and hosting a linky. I linked up and tweeted!

  5. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this movie before and to be honest, it really doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in watching. I’m all about giving movies chances, but it just doesn’t sound like something I’d enjoy; I’m sure if I was a history buff, I’d be all over it though ^.^

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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