Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Bro and James Bond 007 Movie Marathon #5

Today is Uncle Andrew’s 36th birthday. Only a couple more years and then he’ll be as OLD as me (tee, hee). Best.Uncle.Ever.

In tribute, we continued on with our James Bond Marathon. You see, the James bond series might well be my brothers favourite movies. So you ask, if that’s the case, why didn’t you borrow the movies you’re missing from him. And well we could have if he hadn’t gotten rid of his entire James Bond VHS collection several years ago. Note that he has since upgraded to DVD’s.

When I asked Andrew to pick his favourite one he said; “that’s too tough, I like them all”. So there you have it people. They’re ALL great!

Important Note. We regret to inform you that we skipped #4 “Thunderball” (1965) as we don’t (yet) have it in our collection. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Tonight we watched “You Only Live Twice (1967), the fifth James Bond 007 Movie in the franchise.

While this might be my favourite movie so far, I only rated it a “7” (so did Ed). I really liked the plot (although they could have removed some of the fluff, maybe 30 minutes worth) and James’ allies (two women and one man) were absolutely amazing. They really made the movie. To top it off, there was even another (evil) woman that he got friendly with. The whole movie was “shot” in Japan, however, they even managed to involve “Q” (and his gadgets), M and Moneypenny. Interesting fact: The theme song was sung by Nancy Sinatra. Note that like the previous movie, I had not seen this before (I had seen the first two).

The problems were that there were too many continuity errors (in one shot she’d have a shirt on, in the next she’d only be in her bikini, another, he had a bare chest–Japanese custom and in another he’d have full chest hair) and many parts were unbelieveable (even for James Bond).

Tomorrow night we’ll be reviewing the sixth movie, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) with James Bond #2, George Lazenby.

Have You ever Seen this James Bond 007 Movie?

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