Friday, August 30, 2013

Set It and Forget It Should Not Apply to Mousetraps

Several years ago, we had a problem with mice.

Well, not exactly a problem.

We just didn’t want to live with them anymore.

Photo source: LuisRock62

Ed pulled out our trusty trap and searched the fridge for the tastiest of baits. He even consulted me on the options because we all know that I am well versed in “desirable mouse morsels”. We both agreed that a dollop of Cambazola would do the trick.

He went down to the basement and set the mousetrap.

That was three years ago.

The other day, I looked underneath one of the storage shelves and noticed some fluff from The Kids dress-up clothes.

Except it wasn’t fluff.

It was three year old mouse.

I guess that explains why we haven’t had any mouse problems in a while.

Say three years.

Truth be told, I’ve known about the “pile of fluff” for a while. For arguments sake, let’s say two years, 11 months. Every time I go down to the basement, I see the fluff and think that it’s a rogue feather boa. Because, yes, we have a lot of rogue feather boas around here. And every time, I come back up and either remind Ed about the mouse or forget about it. Kind of like that mosquito carcass on my wall.

Ever Had Mouse Problems?

15 thoughts on “Set It and Forget It Should Not Apply to Mousetraps

  1. Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom

    LOL – gross. I love the reference to a rogue feather boa. If I were in your position, I wouldn’t think twice about the fluff ball either. We have a dog who blows his coat almost four times a year. There are times that I move a piece of furniture (like the piano) and I find a whole other dog in there)!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Tammy

    we don’t use traps, the cats usually track them down and play with them until death, leaving me to find them by smell of a decayed rodent and then get hubby to remove it from the

  3. AlwaysARedhead

    We had a dead bird underneath the headboard of our water bed for at lest a couple of years. The only reason we found it was because we were moving, else it would have stayed there.

  4. Clair P

    I had it once, they were coming in from the oven vent outside, I baked peanut butter cookies had them on a plate sitting there waiting to be eaten by company that were on their way… but no there was a little tiny mouse enjoying them, hubby thought I was losing my mind cause he could not see it, thought I was being a pig and eating them all….

    My Mother in law had them bad out in the country, and rats too, hated to spend the night lol

  5. Darlene W

    We own a 100 year old now renovated 7 bedroom cottage, when we first bought it the house was empty except for the 100 or so mice that lived there, maybe even more. It took a while to capture them all but we finally did. I don’t remember leaving any traps unchecked for I would know, I have a keen sense of smell. It was a long process for those darn things kept having babies. But alas, no more mice

  6. Elva Roberts

    Yes; we’ve had mice but not often and not too many. We’ve used bits of bacon, after the critter ate the cheese that was not tied on to the spring. Bacon, if tied on securely, seems to do the trick.

  7. kathy downey

    No we have never had mice in our home thank goodness I am always worried during winter when Hubby brings the wood in that one will run in and make a home. We had a lady down the street that had 2 rats,now thats scary


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