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Doing the Right Thing Even When It’s Not Right

Doing The Right ThingThis week, The Kids were writing Thank You Notes to Uncle Mike and Family for all their recent gifts. You remember the bane of my existence, those cupcakes. Then I remembered that I have been negligent in writing a letter of my own.I want to thank someone for doing the right thing even though it wasn’t exactly right.

This past winter, Uncle Andrew came to Mexico for a two-week visit. We had the best weather of the past ten years so there was lot of suntanning going on. My neighbours will probably never spy on us again. But that’s another story.

When it came time to leave, Uncle Andrew was well versed on all the things that could go wrong. Just in case. Not that anything ever had or would. Famous last words.

By the time he made it to his first destination, he’d missed his connecting flight. But we didn’t know that and wouldn’t for several hours. When it became clear that he wasn’t arriving at his destination as planned, we went into panic mode.

Stuck in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, have any local currency or the ability to call anyone* sounds like a Class “B” movie. Only it was real life.

Then, I had an “Aha moment”. We’ll track his credit card and see if there are were any charges. Perhaps a restaurant, hotel or something that would give us an idea of where he was so that we could talk to him.

The only problem was that we didn’t have his credit card number.

I made phone calls. Then I made some more phone calls. And some more.

Even though he’s a supplementary cardholder on my credit card and I am financially responsible for any and all charges he makes, the powers that be would not provide me with the credit card number or any specific transactions. The only information that I could obtain was the balance on my account (which includes all supplementary cardholders) and that information was always available to me.

Turns out that the balance had increased. By how much I didn’t know exactly but I figured by about the price of a one-way plane ticket, or a hotel room and a meal or a new watch. In reality, I didn’t know much.

Except that my Brother was somewhere. Somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be.

So, I made a phone call. To the last person that could help me. And they did.

Have a Story of Someone Doing the Right Thing?

* Nanna, Poppa and The Zoo were all out of the country at the time.

**I’m trying to be discrete in my telling of this story because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. However, I felt that it should be told. Not because this person will ever read this post (because they won’t) but because we teach our kids to always follow the rules and sometimes, they need to do what’s right instead.

*** In addition, I want it to be a reminder that if you’re ever travelling, obtain all parties documentation numbers assuming that you will not be able to get them if and when you need them.

**** Uncle Andrew arrived home a day later. Safe and sound.

11 thoughts on “Doing the Right Thing Even When It’s Not Right

  1. Jessica Terry

    I am glad that it all turned out okay. The exact thing happened to us when my husband’s mom came in the summer. She missed her connection and let us know but then we didn’t know when her next flight was and then when she finally was supposed to arrive in Toronto, she never came out when the rest of her plane did and we waited for over 3 hours before we finally were able to meet up with her. No one could help us and she couldn’t use her cell phone in Canada. It turns out they lost her luggage and she didn’t get it for 3 days. Geez I really should post this story lol Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica Terry recently posted…Post #BlissdomCA:The Blissdom Canada ConferenceMy Profile

  2. Soozle

    Im glad to hear your brother was okay! Not quite the same – but I have accidentally hopped on the wrong bus in Mexico and had the bus driver kick me off at the end of the line (which at the time was no where remotely close to anywhere I knew where I was)… and yeah – it is pretty scary to be in a place where you speak very little of the language, by yourself (and stand out as a young white, blonde haired female) with only a small amount of cash on you and no clue where to go…

      1. Soozle

        After having a little panic attack that there was no way I could retrace the route back – I just focused on finding a landmark I could use to find my way; that ended up being the ocean. I walked towards the ocean and was then able to orientate myself, felt safe as I was in a more open, populated space, and was able to find the correct bus running in the direction I should have gone in the first place… (and asked the driver rather than assuming)


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