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Happy 3rd Birthday and Nipissing Developmental Checklist (36mths)

Happy Third Birthday

Three years ago today, I gave birth to a litter. Also referred to as “the kids”, “newest Zoo members” or “Alexander, Maximilian and Artemis”.

I don’t think that I’ve ever posted about their birth story. I’ll save that for another time. I’ll just say that if anyone ever tells you that “you’ll know when you’re in labour”, don’t believe them. Not for a minute.

Artemis is very happy that it’s her birthday today. Then again, it’s been her birthday for several weeks now.

Today she just happens to be right (1 in 365 chance).

By the time you’re reading this, we’ve winterized our house, loaded up Bucephalus and are on our way to Toronto.

We will spend the next four days at Nanna’s place. Thursday night is reserved for our annual Christmas/Birthday Party with Uncle Fred and the Abeulos. Early Saturday morning, we will leave on our 5,000km drive to Southern Mexico.

Ready for a Roadtrip!

For the past two years, I’ve been documenting the kids progress in comparison to the Nipissing Development Milestone Checklist. Check out 12 Months, 15 Months, 18 Months, 24 Months, and 30 months.

I hope that all this information will be relevant to my upcoming memoirs and/or enable me to prove to the kids that I actually paid attention. If not, the Grandparents love to read it. It’s boring. You’ve been warned.

Here’s how they’re doing in general and in comparison to the Nipissing District Developmental Checklist for 36 months.

36 month Nipissing Development Checklist
Click on the Photo to enlarge it.
Clothing. They’re both in size 7 shoes. Size 2 clothing fits Artemis in the body but not in the sleeves (too short). Max is in size 3 shirts but they’re way too wide. They’re both in size 2 pants and need to use Dapper Snappers (if you don’t have them, they’re amazing).

Teeth. Max had all of his baby teeth in by around 30 months. Artemis has yet to get in her last tooth, baby tooth “j”. Interestingly, while I did get baby tooth “j” as a child, my adult tooth “#13” never came in. In fact, baby tooth “j” is still in my mouth (after 40 years). However, it’s starting to get a bit loose and is bothering me.

Talking. They’ve recently started to have two way conversations on the phone. Before they would just listen and shake their head (in the affirmative) or point at things. Not realizing that the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t see. They use at least 5-6 words per sentence. Sometimes, Artemis will ramble off 25-30 words with hardly a breath thrown in. The context is usually all over the place but she seems to know what she’s saying. Artemis definitely does more of the talking.

Artemis on a WalkToys. Max loves to play with Thomas, airplanes, cars, trucks or anything with wheels. Artemis loves drawing, playdoh and her dolls.

Sharing. Artemis is better at sharing with Max (than other kids) and Max is better at sharing with other kids (than with Artemis).

Fears. They’ve both started to be fearful of things that they weren’t previously. I’m not sure if Thomas the Train is to blame (blog post coming) or if it’s just a milestone. Lately, Max is afraid of bears and Artemis doesn’t like whales. Too much National Geographic perhaps?

Naps. About eight weeks ago, the kids dropped their afternoon nap. I’ve been going crazy. It used to be the only hour that I had in the day to myself to get things done. Recently, Max has taken a few naps but nothing consistently. Artemis is like her Father and doesn’t need to sleep… ever. Max is like his Mother and needs his beauty sleep.

Max Looking at Himself in the MirrorCooperate with our Requests. Artemis does what is asked of her most of the time. Max has his moments. When you ask him to do something, he’s either says “o-kay” (in the cutest voice) and runs off and does what you asked him to, or, he totally ignores you.

Music. Max will dance to the beat no matter what it is; a spoon tapping on the counter, tic-tok of a clock, beat of a drum. Artemis loves music but doesn’t quite have the beat down. She gives “marching to the tune of your own drummer” a new meaning.

Both of them ask to listen to music everyday.

Dressing. Artemis has been dressing herself for at least 6-months. Max prefers if others do it for him. However, just this week he put his shoes on by himself!

Making Sunday Morning Pancakes
Security. Max sleeps with his blankie and Artemis has Teddy. They both ask for a soother for naps and at bed.

Affection. Artemis loves to snuggle and Max likes to give kisses. Both love Mummy and Daddy equally.

Alexander. The kids mention his name every day. Somedays they even surprize me by saying that I have to share something with him. Today, I had to give the last cookie to him. He is all packed up and looking forward to spending the winter with Uncle Andrew.

Toilet Training. I’ll save everyone the gory details, however, we’re almost there. While they’ve been using a toilet, we will be bringing a potty on our trip. Should be interesting.

Weight*. Max weighs approximately 27.5-28lbs (up 2.5lbs from last year). Artemis weighs around 26lbs (up 2.5lbs from last year).

Height*. Max is approximately 35.5″ tall (up almost 2″ from last year). Artemis is around 35″ tall (up 2″ from last year).

*Both of these are approximate measuresments as I took them myself. The kids haven’t been “sick” this year (there was that little leaded ball debacle) so they didn’t go to the doctor. I must figure out when they actually need to go back.

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10 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday and Nipissing Developmental Checklist (36mths)

  1. Rae T.

    This was such a lovely post, with so many amazing photos. Seriously, have you been taking classes?! The photo of Max in the mirror is breathtakingly brilliant. LOVE the video – can’t get enough of the videos! 🙂

    Have a safe, adventurous and restful trip! xoxo

  2. Rene

    Happy birthday to Max, Artemis and Alexander! The photos are great…but all those references to what sizes the kids wear and what they like to play with – fishing for gifts? 😉
    (I know, it’s for the grandparents.)
    Thanks for a great post – it’s fun to look back at your earliest posts too to see just how far they have come since then!
    (and who is that random third kid pictured here? 😉

  3. KD

    Happy Birthday! I found the part about sharing really interesting (sharing with a sibling vs others). It makes me want to take another psych course. 🙂


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