Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Santas Elves Giving Toys to Those in Need

Delivering Gifts to House of Lazarus1 2013

Today, Santa Elves (a.k.a Max and Artemis) took three bags of toys to House of Lazarus.

Watch for an upcoming post about all the great companies that participated in our Charity Gift Guide and got into the Holiday spirit by giving toys to kids and families in need.

Note that at the time of publishing this post, we are currently in the middle of a snow storm that is forecasted to dump 13 centimetres.

This just in… WE’RE SNOWED IN!

Snow Fall in November

The Kids can’t wait to get outside and play in all the snow.

Ed and I can’t wait to shovel all the snow.

One of these statements is NOT true.

22 thoughts on “Santas Elves Giving Toys to Those in Need

  1. Alissa Apel

    What a great thing to do. One of my best memories as a kid was buying presents for a mom/kids. She was getting a divorce. Her husband left her for someone else. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to give her kids a Christmas at all. We bought them a grocery story GC, and toys. We set everything on the porch, rang the doorbell and my Dad ran off back to the car. My mom never told her who Santa was that year.
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  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    loved your ‘one of these statements is not true’ comment 🙂 We’re due our next big snowfall Sunday & Monday, estimated at around 20 cm each day. I need a snow blower!!! Maybe I should put that on my wish-list for Christmas, what do you think? Still it’s all good exercise and at least it’s not to be bitterly cold.

  3. XmasDolly

    Goodness where are you at that you have so much snow. I bet your kids can’t wait to get outside with their sleds, mittens, and making snowmen and Angels. Ahhhh I almost wish my kids were little again… NOT! I have grandkids now for that. Spoil them and send them home is what I always say! hehehehe It’s fun being a NaNee
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  4. Shannon @ Mamamusing

    I love the fact that you have them thinking about others and helping out others less fortunate than themselves! What a great lesson to teach them when they are that young! I plan on having my girls pick some of their toys to donate before Christmas. a) they are helping out others who may not be as fortunate as they are and b) we can clear some room because I know both sets of grandparents love to spoil them!
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  5. loriag

    It feels so good to give, and you are teaching your wee ones a valuable lesson. We have so much snow right now, it is terrible!

  6. Jenn erin

    haha that’s one thing I don’t like about the snow.. the shoveling part. though it is good exercise though!! I am not sure if we are going to have snow this year but I’d rather have snow than none!

  7. Jenny Nicole

    What a lovely thing you are doing! And the fact that you’re also teaching your kids about giving to those in need… Absolutely awesome!


    How wonderful when the whole family gets involved with sharing with others. Vounteerism in my family is a normal occurence, whether it be helping out a family in need, donating to the local food bank or volunteering at Homefront Cancer Services. If you are able to help out, it is appreciated

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Darlene,

      I travel to our local foodbank every week and look in the eyes of those that need help. If I was in the same situation, I would hope that others would give too. The world is a better place because of people like you. Thank you.

      Besos, Sarah
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