Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage Baby Revival Creates Handmade Wool Leg Warmers

Vintage Baby Revival Leg Warmers and Customized Pouch
You know how I always talk about how I appreciate it when people send me a personalized note with their gift. Well, Melissa from Vintage Baby Revival has really outdone herself. Opening up her package made me feel like a “kid in a candy shop”. There were so many little items and each one was thought out and functional. And of course, she included a personalized note.My prize, two legwarmers knitted by Melissa herself. The yarn (colours) were so beautiful and unique that it was difficult to pick. But, sacrifice myself I did and chose green and reeces pieces.

Each of the legwarmers came in their own owl “burlap like” drawstring bag (with logo/name stamped on the front) and a shipping tag attached (with removable string) that contained her name on one side and washing instructions/material content on the back.

Seeing as these are 75% wool and 25% nylon, she suggests machine wash cold and dry low. I love that it’s so easy. I don’t know about you but if something says “dry clean only or hand wash” I either don’t buy it or throw it in the washing machine anyways and hope for the best.

Also included was a business card with an owl on it (I’m sensing a theme), one of her creations on the front (an owl) and balls of yarns on the back. The little personalized note came on card stock (love that too) with an owl stamp and a little strip of (wallpaper like) paper.

I absolutely loved the owl theme and DIY-like feel throughout.

Vintage Baby Revival Customized Accompaniments
Summer might be just around the corner, but around here, we can wear leg warmers all but two months of the year. Besides, it’s a fashion statement and we know our fashion (tee, hee).

The only problem was that the package arrived when Nanna was here (I’ll have to time things better) and the leg warmers were too cute (totally Melissa’s fault!). In turn, one pair was stolen traded (for a not so nice pair). Before you go and feel sorry for me, did I mention that Melissa threw in an extra pair of warmers. Yes, that makes three pairs in total. Her excuse was that I’d had to wait too long to receive them. I think that she’s just like that. Truth be told, I can’t even remember how long they took to arrive (maybe a few weeks) and besides, I’d told her that there wasn’t any rush (apparently that was my fault, smile).

To top it off, Melissa is Canadian and you all know how I heart Canadians. Save yourself the hassle of searching for the perfect gift and just check out Melissa’s shop, Vintage Baby Revival. There’s something for everyone and if you have a baby in your future, she has some one-of-a-kind items for your little nugget!

Shop Vintage Baby Revival and Support Canadian!

3 thoughts on “Vintage Baby Revival Creates Handmade Wool Leg Warmers

  1. Cathy

    Wow thank you for the review of Vintage Baby Revival. There are soooo many things that I want to buy. Beautiful, talented and Canadian what more could you ask for.


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