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Chapman’s Ice Cream Smoothie Bars – Great Taste Without the Calories

Chapmans Ice Cream-Smoothie BarWhat comes to mind when you hear the words; light, refreshing, cool, dipped, dark and lip smacking good? If you live in this house, that means one thing… FROZEN YOGURT. But not just any frozen yogurt. One made by a proud Canadian company that uses 100% Canadian Milk and has a strong sense of charity and community.

If you guessed Chapman’s Ice Cream then you guessed right!

It all started when David and Penny Chapman bought a small creamery in Markdale Ontario, a village just south of Georgian Bay, back in 1973. They named it Chapman’s and since that time, Chapman’s has grown into Canada’s largest independent ice cream manufacturer while maintaining that small town charm and loyalty. From the early days of “just ice cream”, their product line has grown to offer peanut/nut free, no sugar added, lactose free, and gluten free treats. And they’re constantly listening to the needs of their customers to find out what their next product will be.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to offer my family quality products that are sourced from Canada or the USA with ingredients that I can understand and trust. However, just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean that as a Parent, it’s any less important. In fact, since The Kids have come along, I’ve been more diligent about reading labels and asking questions.

Thankfully, Chapman’s makes it easy for me because they use 100% Canadian Milk and that’s an ingredient that I can trust. As a Consumer, I love that I can support two Canadian industries in one product.

Chapmans Ice Cream Products

Tons of Taste without the Calories

Ingredients are one thing but taste is another. The Kids and I eat frozen yogurt cones for dessert (and sometimes breakfast!) on a regular basis. Since we eat well balanced meals, I don’t worry about the calories, however, Ed has a real sweet tooth and needs to behave himself. It’s like the Sweet Canadian Smoothie Bars were made for him.

Chapman’s Sweet Canadian Options line was created as a healthier low calorie, low fat, alternative treat. Packed with flavour and indulgent ingredients, our “Options” line allows you to enjoy these delicious treats without the guilt.

For only 90 calories, you get a yogurt treat half dipped in Chapman’s Dark Chocolate with a taste that will have you reaching for another one. Just to make sure that I didn’t have an overly eager focus group, I had Uncle John try one. Bottom line, he too will be a repeat customer. As for The Kids, they loved the chocolate variation and both chose to eat it first.

Chapmans Ice Cream-Artemis

Supporting Their Community and Charities

When we were up at The Farm this Summer, we went to a local fundraiser for my Aunt Sally’s niece that had a double lung transplant. The entire small town community came out to support her and as it turns out, Chapman’s was there too. After I’d eaten my burger, some volunteers came around passing out dessert and sure enough, Chapman’s had donated all the sandwich bars.

Chapmans Ice Cream-Sandwich Bars

Did you know that Chapman’s has teamed up with THE Rick Mercer for the “Spread the Net” Charity? When you purchase “RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream”, all the proceeds raised go to support Canada’s fight against malaria. Save lives while you eat ice cream. It’s that simple.

My heart smiles just thinking about all that they do for their community and those in need. I am so honoured that Chapman’s would like to work with me in helping them spread good will and healthy dessert choices across Canada. Make no doubt about it, we have been a customer of Chapman’s long before we had a blog. And the best part, they want you experience Chapman’s products for yourself!

Chapmans Ice Cream Prize Pack

Connect with Chapman’s Website | Facebook | Twitter

Note that not all Chapman’s products are made in a nut-free facility, however, many are! The best way to be sure is to watch for their Peanut-nut free and gluten free/peanut-nut free logos on their products. Their nut-free products are so trustworthy that they have been recognized by Anaphylaxis Canada for their commitment to allergy safety.

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443 thoughts on “Chapman’s Ice Cream Smoothie Bars – Great Taste Without the Calories

  1. sweetkeet

    I’ve never tried the sorbet/low calorie options, but would LOVE to! Am a huge fan of Chapmans, not just because it’s a local Canadian company, but also because the company treats its workers well.

  2. Monique L.S.

    I have tried a lot of Chapman’s ice cream flavours, but none of their novelty products. So, I would like to try the Creme Caramel & Toffee ice cream bars.

  3. Lynda Cook

    I wish we could buy TigerTail ice cream again, but I see they have TigerPaw it’s just not the same though

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  5. Wayne Lecoy

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Chapmans Back to School Prize Pack.
    In response to your requirement to Visit Chapman’s Ice Cream
    and comment with which product i would like to try or see them create.
    I would like to try the Rick Mercer Report Blueberry Pie Ice Cream.
    I didn’t know they even had this product.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anne Taylor

    I’d like to try the No Sugar Added Maple Walnut Ice Cream! I’d love to see more sugar free ice cream snacks!


    Please, please bring back the banana lollies! They were so good and I was seriously sad when my grocery store didn’t have them anymore! I love everything you have and have tried several, the ones I haven’t tried..well i will get to them 🙂

  8. Eric SHEWAN


    Thank you for introducing me to Chapmans frozen yogurt. I usually make myself a cone, daily. Love it.

    I didn’t enter the contest because I’m a neighbour and a friend.

    The “SHERIFF”

  9. Debbie S.

    I never knew, Chocolate Symphony Slice Cream(with brownie peices! My family would love this! Yes, I will share lol

  10. Alayne Langford

    I would love to try Chapman’s Slice Cream because I hope its as good as their Gluten Free Ice Cream!

  11. Donnas

    We love their ice cream sandwiches, especially the Neapolitan; in fact you’d find a variety of products in our freezer right now.

  12. elena dunn

    I love chapmans ice cream and i would really like to try the Vanilla Truffle slice icecream. It looks delicious.

  13. Alexa Nernberg

    I would like to try “Tiger Paw” from Chapman’s Ice Cream. Thanks for sponsoring this yummy giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  14. lisa bolduc

    I am dying to try their new cake things I have seen in the store. love how they are peanut free for the hubby

  15. KD

    The tiger paw sorbet bars look delicious! I would love to see them make them with a lactose-free chocolate coating as well, for a family member who is lactose intolerant.

    I try to buy Chapman’s when possible, since I really respect how they treated their employees when their factory burned down — a full year of salary was to be paid to salaried employees and four months to hourly employees. I googled it now to find a news article for anyone who hadn’t heard about it:

  16. Terri O'Donnell

    I would love to try thhe Blueberry Pie Ice Cream! Blueberry Pie is a favorite in our home so we will definitely be looking to buy some 🙂

  17. Bronwyn Wilson

    The Chapman ice cream sandwiches are a family fave in my house! Would love to try some more flavors as well 🙂

  18. Margaret MacKenzie

    They all look so good. I would love to try the Chapman’s Oatmeal Cookie and Chocolate ice cream bars but have been unable to find them where I live.

  19. Kim G.

    I would like to try the chocolate ice cream cones. I’ve had the ones with chocolate in the cones, but not with chocolate ice cream

  20. Karin Dollery

    Oh my goodness I just found out that Chapmans has a Tiger Paw…which means a tigertail like ice cream on a stick , Awesome.

  21. Dawn

    I keep seeing the slicecream cakes, but haven’t tried them. I keep eyeing them though, because they look delicious!

  22. Anna Johnson

    I would love to try the Salty Dawg Sundae! I would like for them to try a Lemon Meringue Pie ice cream!

  23. Nina Murray

    Dairy free ice cream made with coconut milk and sweetened with natural sugars like stevia and dates/maple syrup

  24. Eva Mitton-Urban

    Birthdays are important to me – to celebrate the existence of one’s we love. Not a creature of habit – each year I try something unique- birthday cake/sundaes and last year Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. My husband’s birthday is October 8th – and I stumbled upon Chapman’s Vanilla Truffle Slice Cream Cake – hey you only turn *50* once….

    Eva Mitton-Urban

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  26. Maria McLachlan

    I’d like to try the slice ice cream but the Carmela pecan yogurt looks good too along with dozens of others. Love the bars and the Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches

  27. Edmond

    OMG, the Chapmans “sorbet” options Tiger Paw! Fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  28. Elaine Buonsante

    Chapman’s are new to me! I’ll be looking for the Caramel Frozen Yogurt Bars the next time I go shopping.

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  30. francine

    I love chapmans and have tried a lot of their products. they used to have these chocolate covered flavored frozen yogurt popcicles which were my favorite (my kids loved them too.) I wish they would bring those back.

  31. Danielle H

    My favourite ice cream flavour is cookie dough so I would like to see a cookie dough ice cream sandwich, the sandwich portion being vanilla flavour!

  32. Ashley O

    I love Rick Mercer & Blueberry Pie! And it help support in the fight against Malaria 🙂
    This would be my pick for sure!

  33. Dayle B.

    Would like to try the tasty sounding Blueberry pie ice cream.
    Like that All proceeds from the sales will be going to “Spread The Net”
    charity wow. Great giveaway too.

  34. paula schuck

    I just bought the ice cream sandwiches because my nephew was here. Love them because they are also peanut free (most items) But I have honestly been a fan for decades because they were one of the first to provide frozen yogurt back when I was really lactose intolerant and having issues with the Crohn’s. So yeah, that. They were perfect then and they still are now. Love the tiger paws. They look so yummy.
    paula schuck recently posted…GoGo squeeZ #BTS Healthy Snack #GiveawayMy Profile

  35. Jen L

    I would never be a true Chapman’s fan unless they create a delicious Butterscotch Ripple. That is a beautiful gist of summer as far as I am concerned.

  36. Nena Sinclair

    I really want to try Slice Cream! It looks so good! I’d also love to see them come out with banana splits in single serve containers!

  37. shane

    I love that many of their products are gluten free – great options for a guy like me! I can’t choose just one lol

  38. Kate Hearn

    I love that they have most of their treats in sugar free now. My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He was a huge ice cream fan, and was told he’d have to cut it out. So I started researching for him, to be able to have a treat once in a while. Thank you Chapmans Ice cream for making something my dad can still treat himself with!

  39. Tricia Cooper

    I would like to try Chapman’s Ice Cream Slice Cream! I’ve seen the Chocolate Symphony and Vanilla Truffle in the stores, but didn’t know that there was a third flavour — Caramel Chocolate Pecan! YUM!

  40. Rob Brydon

    A great flavour would be Baked Apple Pie in a Vanilla ice cream base. Everyone loves apple pie and I don’t know anyone who does not like Vanilla ice cream, partner the two and it has to be a hit!! I volunteer to be the taste tester too!! 🙂

  41. amber y

    I think I’d like to try the double dark chocolate most. We’ve already tried the crispy peanut butter crunch frozen yogurt. It’s so good!!

  42. E

    Chapman’s is one of my favourite brands of ice cream — so delicious!
    I love their Neapolitan ice cream bars! Yum! Perfect for this warm weather!


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