Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Me and My MuuMuu. Pregnant with Triplets at 24 Weeks

Here at Journeys of The Zoo, we’ve been spending all our spare time getting ready for our annual summer trip to the Family Farm Compound (North of Toronto). Don’t worry, it will be business around here as usual with hilarity in bounds.

Seeing as Ed is in Rochester on business, Nanna has been here to help by looking after the kids while I pack. It didn’t help matters that her altinator seized on Monday (while taking it into the shop for a little noise it was making, it broke down before we got there). Hello CAA.

Did I mention that we spent the weekend in New York State visiting friends that Ed met online (on a woodworking forum)? The last time we saw them, I was pregnant with the litter.

To make a long story short, I haven’t had any time to take (m)any pictures for Wordless Wednesday.

24 Weeks Pregnant with Triplets

Hello MuuMuu!

So, I thought that I’d go “into the archives” and show you the only body picture of me taken at 24 weeks gestation in October 2009 (on Nanna’s cell phone). Note that I went on to carry the kids for another 6 weeks (I was huge). Shortly after this picture was taken, I exchanged the MuuMuu for a hospital gown. It was either that or bed sheets…

Do You Have (M)Any Pictures of you Pregnant?

9 thoughts on “Me and My MuuMuu. Pregnant with Triplets at 24 Weeks

  1. Laura Cyra

    Archives sounds so old I wonder if kids nowadays will even know what it means, lol! Great pic though, I don’t have many of being pregnant hated pics then.


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