Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Out of This World with Space Chums Kids Music CD

space chums logoIn case you’re unaware, Journeys of The Zoo loves music. The kids definitely inherited that trait from Ed.I was excited to hear about Space Chums latest CD, “Blast Off” as their website describes it as a chance to “rock the stratosphere with crazy, catchy and hilarious songs about their adventures in space and the wonders of discovering planet earth”.
Out of This World!
If you’re sensing an intergalatic theme then you’re right. The three stars are Space Ninja Linda, Disco Cosmonaut Nikolai, GalactoFashionista Gussy and their sidekick Bleep Bloop. Not only do they have space outfits but also stickers and cut-out characters to complete the package.

space chums review figurinesWith all new music, the first run through for Artemis had her standing still and listening. The only movement I saw for 21-minutes was her carassing her new stickers. Max enjoyed the short but catchy cosmic vibed tunes. “Beeble Bop” was especially repetitive and got both of them involved.

Copies of the CD or MP3 can be purchased from CDBaby.


Blast into the atmosphere with Space Chums!

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Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product that enabled us to complete this review.

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50 thoughts on “Out of This World with Space Chums Kids Music CD

  1. Wayne Lecoy

    Please Enter Me In Your Space Chums Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Space Chums”Blast Off”CD
    And T-shirt For My Niece And Nephew.
    In Response To Your Question Of Which Song Do You Like Best?
    I Liked “Space Jamboree”.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!


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