Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memoirs of Artemis, The Goddess of The Hunt

Maximilian isn’t the only one with memoirs, as I, The Goddess have a few stories to tell myself.Like Max mentioned, I too can grab and suck my feet (although I like my soother better).

I’ve started to spend some quality time in my Chair of Neglect (Jolly Jumper) but quite honestly, I find it boring.

I’m now able to half sit-up (on my own) and am seriously getting ready to crawl! I spend most of my waking hours perfecting this craft. I’m a busy gal.

I’ve started holding my bottle all by myself for long periods of time (when I want to) but my parents have to make sure that it’s tilted as it’s still pretty heavy. My mom wanted me to tell you that she’s trying to (remember to) get a picture.

Other than that, I’m a really easy going baby, sleep 12 hours at night, love the water, take all my bottles and don’t cry or fuss much at all.

I’m just trying to psych my parents into believing that I’ll be an easy kid and then when they least expect it, WHAM, I’ll really show them my stuff.

I almost forgot, Alexander, Max and I were born seven months ago today.

How time flies when you’re having fun!

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