Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Funny Things Kids Say

It’s always been customary in my family to eat dinner together at the dining room table except on Sunday nights when we watched 60 Minutes and Murder She Wrote in front of the TV. That Jessica Fletcher sure was smart.Everyone shared news of their day and talked about issues that affected the whole family. Ed’s family was the same way except it usually included a bunch of other people at the table as well.

In turn, it should come as no surprize that The Zoo has continued on with this Family Tradition.

Max and Artemis love it and have already started a few traditions of their own.

Once all of us are seated, Max looks at Ed, looks at me, then at Artemis and says “We’re all eating together”. To which we respond “Yes, we are”. And he says, “I like that” with the biggest smile on his face.

Within seconds after that, Artemis looks at me with the most serious face and says “What’s (your) favourite part of the day Mommy?”.

Note that this question is usually posed about 15 minutes after I’ve woken up. I respond with something like “waking up to you guys” or “all sitting here as a family” (which gets an even bigger smile from Max).

Max’s answer is always the same (said in a booming voice), “Playing soccer with Daddy, Ball really high up (in the) air”.

It should be noted that the last time that Max played soccer with Ed was, well, we can’t remember. They did play soccer with Uncle Kevin in May and had a blast. No, Uncle Kevin is NOT their Dad (just in case you were confused).

Then, when the same question comes around to me again (the question always goes around a few times at each and every meal), I turn the question around and ask Artemis “what’s her favourite part of the day?”.

It never fails, her favourite part is also playing soccer with Daddy!

When I try to explain to them that they haven’t played soccer today or even this month with Daddy they just shake their head at me, in the affirmative and continue on with their day.

Apparently, they know something we don’t.

What’s the Darndest Thing Your Kid Said?

8 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things!

  1. Crafty Zoo

    Adorable!!! I love the sound of little ones’ voices, such joy behind her voice! 😀 Glad to know we aren’t the only family who has the same convo every mealtime! LOL.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Gorgeous, loved the video. It’s amazing that kids can make you smile with the simplest of statements – I’m still smiling. Obviously it’s a conspiracy just to confuse you Sarah, into thinking that you’ve missed the game of soccer with daddy every day. 🙂


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