Monday, February 24, 2014

Join Us for @LeonsFurniture #UltimateHome $1,000 Twitter Party, CAN, 2/27 9pm ET RSVP

Leons Furniture Ultimate Home Twitter Party February 2014

I remember moving into my first place like it was yesterday. The apartment was bare but for a borrowed 3′ x 3′ table, two side tables and a pull out couch from Leons’s Furniture. Ah, the pull out couch. It was the centrepiece of the room. Not only because it was the only piece of furniture in the room but because it was mine. All mine. My first purchase as a grown up. In my dreams it was like this Bombay III Collection Sleeper Sofa w/Chaise.

Since that time, I’ve made many purchases for my home. One item of note was my fridge in July 2010. Ours had died in the morning and by noon, my breast milk was starting to spoil. With the trailer in tow, we headed for Leons Furniture in Ottawa. We were worried that we wouldn’t have many options, because we needed a fridge right then and there. However, they had one. And it was on sale. And our customer service representative was from Mexico. And, the fridge has worked like a charm ever since. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Have some items on your wish list?

Leon’s Furniture is holding a massive three day sale starting on Friday February 28th. You’ll find HUGE savings on a big selection (at already great prices) in all sections of the store. If you are not familiar with Leon’s you really should pop on by the website (or your local store) and check them out. They have so many things for the home; appliances, electronics and, of course, furniture to match every taste and budget. At Leon’s Furniture you will find every thing you need to make your Ultimate Home and this is the perfect time to make it happen! But that’s not all, they’ll be hosting a MASSIVE sweepstakes on Facebook and of course you’re invited to their fabulous…

#UltimateHome Twitter Party

with your Host Leon’s Furniture!

#UltimateHome Twitter Party Details
When: February 27, 2014 at 9pm EST
Prizes: FIVE (5) $100 online gift cards to and One (1) Starship Bunk Bed Set ($499)
Who: Anyone can participate. Prizing is only open to Canadians (excluding Quebec and British Columbia).
Where: Follow along and tweet with the #UltimateHome hashtag on Twitter.
Host: @LeonsFurniture
Moderators: @mommyoutside @zoojourneys
Prizing and Support: @CantonCathy @cvegnad

RSVP for the #UltimateHome Twitter Party Below!

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** Click here for the #UltimateHome Twitter Party Rules.

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22 thoughts on “Join Us for @LeonsFurniture #UltimateHome $1,000 Twitter Party, CAN, 2/27 9pm ET RSVP

  1. Darlene Schuller

    Oh this so exciting! Thank you for the opportunity. I actually quit twitter parties, but think I’ll give this one a shot! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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    1. admin

      Dear Lexia,

      We’re really sad that you can’t win too. Unfortunately, Leon’s Furniture doesn’t deliver to your area.

      Even so, we’d love to have you participate. Maybe you can share all the savings with a family member. Last time I checked, you have a birthday this year…

      Besos, Sarah

      1. Lexia

        Thank you Sarah, that is a very nice gesture! I do have my sister in Edmonton and would love to participate.. maybe I have a chance to win for her. Have a great evening and yes, see you tomorrow then 🙂


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