Monday, April 9, 2012

The Kids First Easter Egg Hunt and Crafting Addictions

The kids first Easter egg hunt was a huge success!

They caught on after we showed them the first egg. Nanna was the mastermind and hid all the eggs where WE couldn’t find them filled the eggs with blueberries, raisins and peanuts.

No, I don’t offer them chocolate (they have had it) because I’m not always the best with making sure that they (read: I) brush their teeth.

Everyone got into the spirit.

After the hunt, Nanna had to go home. We were sad to see her go (note that the pictures do not reflect our sorrow). Thanks for all your help Nanna!

Next up, Uncle Andrew comes for a visit in two weeks and Poppa shortly thereafter.

I’ve been bitten by the Crafting and Spring Re-Arranging bug. Anyone know a cure?

Ed and I have “papers everywhere” (kind of like a new phrase that Artemis says only different, not sure where she learned that one…). Anyways, we have more papers than most because we’re also running a business. In turn, most of the important papers get filed away only to be found three months after they are needed.

I found this tutorial and was all over this idea.

I went to where I store all my junk treasures (in the portable) and found this old mirror with beveled glass of my Nanna Betty’s (Nanna gave it to me).

I looked in my “wall of fabric” and found a great piece that would complement my red accent theme. I then went to Ed’s workshop for the metal and some assistance. Wouldn’t you know it, they don’t make things like they used to. When we turned over the mirror to remove the glass, we realized that they had installed a layer of galvanized steel to the back (we thought it would be cardboard, more on that in a minute). So, all we did was get out the hot air gun, scrape off the paint (on the back), spray a couple of coats of red paint, hang and voila! I know that it’s not exactly the same but it’s functional and that’s the important part.

On Thursday, while Nanna was babysitting the kids, Ed and I went into Ottawa for my bi-annual trip. Amongst other things (think Russian Caviar), we spent 2.5 tortuous glorious hours in Ikea and finished the bathroom transformation. It went from this…

to this…

To this.

Not to give away our secret but we purchased two Billy Bookcases and put them front to back. I think I just gave away our secret. We were really lucky because they were the perfect width so it almost looks like custom shelves (especially if you squint your eyes a ton).

We didn’t install the piece of crap thin black cardboard backing. Instead, I cut a panel off, applied glow in the dark stickers to it that I got at Lazarus House (I’m going to buy more at Dollarama if they have them) and got an instant solar system!

My reasoning for doing it this way was because I’m all about keeping things simple. If we move (no plans yet), I can bring it with us (don’t tell Ed that I wrote that because he thinks that I travel with everything and the kitchen sink anyways) and/or I change my mind (never happens). All we have to do is remove three nails and poof. Sometimes the stickers are difficult to get off or the appliques are only one-time-use. Not easy. The black cardboard looks abit harsh against the soft yellow wall colour but my craftiness is not a perfected art (yet).

The other night, Teddy had a mysterious accident and this is how we found him in the morning.

Being the handy gal that I am (read above for proof), I just pulled out my trusty needle and thread (in my newly organized craft room, I’ll save that for another post as I don’t want to alienate my non-crafty readers) and sewed him back together, tight, like never coming back off again, ever. I swear that I checked to make sure that his LEG WAS ON THE RIGHT WAY (or is that the wrong way)!? Thankfully, Artemis hasn’t realized the problem yet. That is until she reads this blog post…

Hope that you had a Happy Easter. We were thinking of you.

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