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Enjoy the Nutty Flavour of Almond Fresh

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When I was at ShesConnected 2012, I learned a lot of things. One of them being, I love Almond Fresh beverages. Portability is just the thing I need to keep my sugars in check at a conference and their “Almond on the Go” Original product was perfect.

Almond Fresh is one of the products offered by Earth’s Own Food Company Inc, a Canadian company based in British Columbia. The company is dedicated to nutritional innovation and sustainability in order to actively improve people’s lives and wellbeing.

A healthly althernative to cow’s milk, it has a real nutty taste and all the benefits of nutrient dense real California almonds! Almond Fresh is a source of nine essential vitamins and minerals, including Calcium, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. It’s Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free. Check out their website for new and tasty smoothie recipes and start your day off right!

Did you know that Almond Fresh is a participant in Health Check™ – a food information program developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada? Health Check™ is designed to help consumers make better informed food choices when they shop.

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Being a creature of habit, I chose the Original flavour. I like that there’s only 60 calories per serving but it tastes like there’s so much more! Or try; vanilla, unsweetened, coconut or, just in time for the holidays “Noel Nog”! At only 100 calories a cup, it won’t break your weight watching goals.

The true test for this household, what happens when it’s added to coffee? I’m happy to announce that Almond Fresh doesn’t curdle and the added bonus, it tastes like I’m drinking one of those specialty javas at a fraction of the price! I liked that it had a fridge life of six weeks, although it wasn’t necessary because I can drink a 1.89L container in less than one week. Yum!

Almond Fresh

As for the samples, they never made it home. It wasn’t my fault as they come in convenient serving size tetrapaks and taste as good at room temperature as cold.

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Enjoy the Nutty Flavour of Almond Fresh

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  1. Becky Bryant

    I would love to try the vanilla. I am raising an 11 year old granddaughter and would love to get her to try it also. Thanks for the awesome opportunity.


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