Thursday, August 9, 2012

Second Peek Maternity has your Breastfeeding Needs Covered

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When my friend Sarah learned of my second pregnancy, she so graciously bestowed upon me a gift certificate to Second Peek Maternity Boutique.

Excited to get something new for this time around (I’m even more frugal than Sarah), I immediately went to check out their website. I was impressed by the wide range of products (over 20 categories), for pregnancy and beyond.

First, I perused the “Pre-Loved Maternity” clothes to see what was available. I was pleased to see that there was a good range of options in all sizes. Even better was that each item was photographed on a mannequin, which allowed me to see how the item would drape on a pregnant form. In addition to maternity clothing, the boutique carries a wide assortment of mom-invented gear (how cool is that?!) for babies, kids, and moms. All the prices were clearly marked and in CAN$.

After much difficult decision making, I decided on the “Undercover Mama Nursing Tank”. I ordered a medium in a practical black (it came in Black, Brown and White). The site recommends ordering a size smaller than your normal size, which I did, and I’m happy to report that the medium fits!

Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

I got out my stash of nursing bras to prove the theory that it will attach to any nursing bra. The tank has two methods with which to attach and I had no trouble hooking it up to the different styles of bras I have. It was a cinch! I suggest you do what I did and view a video of how to use the tank on Second Peek Maternity Boutique’s website.

The package was sent expedited service and it only took a few days to arrive. Seeing as I was paying for shipping, I would have liked to see two shipping options; expedited and regular ground mail. For me, time is not of the essence as I’m not due for another six months.

I am so pleased to have this product because I don’t relish the opportunity to have my belly hang out while nursing in public, especially in Ontario in February! For the many reasons that I am ready to have the baby (the excitement, an end to the nausea, the visits from family), I can now add nursing in public to that list. Thanks to Undercover Mama and Second Peek Maternity Boutique, I am…

You’ll be Ready for Baby at Second Peek Maternity!

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Disclosure: A contributor for Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product that enabled us to complete this review.

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10 thoughts on “Second Peek Maternity has your Breastfeeding Needs Covered

  1. Angela (Second Peek Maternity Boutique)

    Hi, this is Angela, the owner of Second Peek Maternity. I want to thank you for the great review of both our online boutique and the products we offer. The Undercover Mama is a fabulous nursing accessory and wish that I had known about them when I was nursing. They have fantastic customer service.

    Thank you Rene for the feedback regarding shipping. A couple of weeks ago we did

    1. Rene

      Hey Denise – It looks like they have added another shipping option of Uninsured Lettermail where possible.
      Great news!


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