Monday, November 5, 2012

What Time is It Mr. Skunk? Amongst Other Things.

If you’re thinking to yourself…

“It’s so nice to be the first one at work, for once. I’m going to make sure that my boss knows that I was here bright and early!

Well, seeing as nobody’s around, it can’t hurt to get caught up on some Journeys of The Zoo posts that I’ve been meaning to read such as that one about Brownies.”

You forgot to set your clock back!

You know, that whole “Spring Forward, Fall Back” stuff that people have been writing about for days. Don’t worry, it happens in the best of families.


Have you ever been near an animal after it’s been sprayed by a skunk? Let me tell you, the smell is so rancid that it makes you want to vomit.

Yes, that bad.

How do I know?

Note that this is not an actual picture of a skunk. It may or may not be accurate, however, I wouldn’t know as I’ve thankfully never seen one.

For the third year in a row, Reina has gotten sprayed. It always happens in the first two weeks of November. Until tonight, we thought that it was because the hunters were driving the skunks out of the woods (we live on 15 acres, 10+ of which is wooded), however, it’s not hunting season. Full moon? A few days late for Halloween? Anyone?

FYI, if you’re thinking that we should purchase shares in “Tomato Juice” stocks, not necessary. A mixture of 500ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (not previously opened), 1/4 baking soda and a dollop of soap (to make it frothy) works like a charm.


If you read this year’s Halloween post and thought, “it’s great to hear about the arrival of the UPS Guy with your Halloween treats butwe’d much rather see pictures of the kids”. Then please take note.

I’ve made some changes to this website. In order to maximize my posts per page, you now need to click the “Read more >>” button to see additional text.

Go on, click it and see what happens…

Wow, huh, a whole new world! When you’re done here, head back and re-read my posts for the past two weeks, you’ve been missing a lot.


If you live in Ontario then your “Time-Of-Use” price period has changed. The off-peak stays the same, from 7pm to 7am but the mid peak time is now from 11am to 5pm and on-peak is when everyone needs to eat, wash dishes, do laundry. Generally exist.


The winners of the “Mother of All Giveaways” giveaways are:

First prize: Caroline Moustache
Second prize: Stacy Lynn Brunscheen Hancock

The winner of the Eddie Bauer Travel System is: Dena Sablotny.

Some of you have been asking about the winner of the $100 Target GC and it has not been announced yet. I’ll let you know when it has.

Congratulations! What’s in your Wallet?


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5 thoughts on “What Time is It Mr. Skunk? Amongst Other Things.

  1. fredamans

    Thanks for the skunk tip. I would have bought out the grocers for tomato juice had I not read this post. Now, if it ever happens to my pooches, I’ll use your tip!

  2. Camille

    We have skunks near here, I've even seen one walking right through the driveway! But luckily my dogs have never been sprayed. My mom's dogs have though, I'll have to tell her about that hydrogen peroxide mixture. Last time she had them professionally bathed and it cost a ton because they had to bathe them for hours apparently, lol.

  3. Rene Beaubien

    My dog AND cat have both been skunked. Nothing quite like a recently-skunked cat cuddling up to your face while you are deep in sleep. We use a solution from the vet which just needs to be wiped on and allowed to dry. Easier for a cat who will not allow an actual bath to happen 😉


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