Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy 14 ¾ Birthday! Say What?

Leap Year BabyIn case you didn’t know, Ed is a leap year baby which means that he (technically) turned 14 ¾* on February 28**. Or, if you look at the picture, he turned one. I doubt that he’d be picky about either of those ages.

Do You Know A Leap Year Baby?


* He doesn’t look a day over 14 ½.
** He celebrates February 28 as his birthday.

11 thoughts on “Happy 14 ¾ Birthday! Say What?

  1. Eric SHEWAN

    Belated birthday greetings Ed.

    I have a niece in Brockville, who is also a Leap Year Baby.

    She was the only Leap Year Baby I ever knew, until now.


  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m glad that I’m not a leap year birthday child and no I’ve never met anyone who was. I think as a child it must seem very strange. Belated birthday greetings from the land of snow!

  3. Brenda A

    My kids are fascinated by Leap Years and have asked questions many times about what happens with birthdays. We do not know anybody who has the birthday of Feb 28, but we are currently recruiting friends who meet that requirement!


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