Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Through the Eyes of a Child #Photography

Graphic-Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old PhotographyThis year, Max has taken a real interest in photography. So much so that Ed bought him a Canon PowerShot A480 all of his very own and a mini tripod. Whenever he wants to take a picture, he carefully takes the camera out of it’s lowepro bag, puts the strap around his wrist (so he won’t drop it) and tells me (or anyone within hearing distance) that the camera is “delicate”.

It goes everywhere with him.

At any given moment you can walk into a room and he’ll call you over to see the shot he’s set up. His words, not mine. Since he sometimes goes “delete happy” before I get a chance to see his pictures I decided to download them to my computer.

In a nutshell, he loves to take selfies and thinks that he coined the term. Besides inanimate objects, his sister is his favourite subject. Here is some of his work. Not bad for a five year old.

Maxs Photography-Selfie1

Maxs Photography-Selfie2
(Don’t mind the bandaid, he just fell UP the cement stairs and almost needed to go get stitches. Again).

Maxs Photography-Artemis3

Maxs Photography-Artemis1

Maxs Photography-Artemis2

Maxs Photography-Sarah1

Maxs Photography-Sarah2

Maxs Photography-Other1

Maxs Photography-Other2

Maxs Photography-Other3

Maxs Photography-Other5

Maxs Photography-Other4

Maxs Photography-Other6

Do Your Kids Take Pictures?

P.S. Somewhere along the way, Max turned on the date/time stamp. I’ve read the User Guide twice and gone on forums but I can’t figure out how to turn it off. Any ideas?

In the comments, Amanda asked why I didn’t post any of the pictures with me in it. Since “I’m vain, look my age and horrible in them” didn’t seem like the best answer I’ve swallowed my pride and for the sake of Max’s art, I’ve posted a few of them.

*Note that in addition to these pictures there were 53 of the ceiling, 28 that were indistinguishable, 3 of me and 1 of Ed on the toilet.

** I’ve started to talk to him about light and you can already see the difference it’s making.

28 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of a Child #Photography

  1. Rae

    GREAT photos!! It’s so fascinating to see the world through children’s eyes… I’m excited to see more of Max’s photos in the future. I can’t believe they’re 5! They are sooo beautiful, Sarah… ❤

  2. Laurie P

    Amazing what they can do eh? I gave my boy my camera quite often when he was younger, the pictures he took truly amazed me! Love how they focus on stuff we would never really think about ourselves….

    Your boy did well 🙂 Make a collage of his work!

  3. Tennille

    Just having a read on my phone as I drink my morning coffee bad the last comment about Eds one picture caused me to spit out my coffee AND drop my phone! My son took a whole series of my pulling my pants up, angrily telling him to stop taking pictures of mommy peeing and the last one is of just my hand as I grab back my phone.

  4. Aneta Alaei

    OH Sarah I love these! My Emma likes to take pictures and always has. When she was around 3 we went to a fancy event at a banquet hall. She spent all night taking pictures and we heard her giggling under the table for a bit. When I uploaded the pics I found out she was snapping crotch shots of everybody. Definitely grew out of that stage thankfully
    Aneta Alaei recently posted…Our LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre AdventureMy Profile

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Boy, you’ve made my day, I had a really good laugh at this post, hilarious. There are some really good shots there, maybe it’s his destiny to be a photographer. Love how he describes the camera as “delicate”. I especially like the photo/selfie where he’s wearing a head band and of course your comment at the end of “and 53 of the ceiling, 28 that were indistinguishable, 3 of me and 1 of Ed on the toilet.”

  6. Aliya D

    Its awesome how he captures his little world and what he believes is important to him… Love it! My guys have cameras too and I love looking through their images; especially over the years as they have matured and grown. I can really see their personalities, what their interests are and what they deem of importance. A little snapshot into their minds…

  7. Heidi c.

    My 4 year-old is also loving taking photos these days. I will check my phone and find multiple pics of his blanket, bed, toys, etc. He even will tell me to save them to the computer and send them to Daddy :).

  8. Brenda A

    There are some mighty fine shots in there! Way to go! Digital cameras really open up the world of photography to not just kids, but everyone! I remember my first camera, a 110 I got when I was 10, and being SO afraid to take pictures! I did not want to run out of film and not be able to take the one last “amazing-have-to-take-a-pic” shot. Now there are no worries!

  9. Clare Korth

    Tell Max that Tia Clare Loves his pictures. He has a great eye. A photographer/Artist in the making.
    Safe Travels my friend. xoxo


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