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Current Works of Glass Jewellery is One of A Kind (Canadian Feature)

i am canadian feature september 2013

Journeys of The Zoo is pleased to introduce you to the first I Am Canadian Feature and Linky…

Current Works of Glass!

Jennifer, the Owner of Current Works of Glass and I first “met” when we worked together on “The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2012” giveaway back in June. Her creativity and talent speaks for itself but it’s her kindness that makes her stand out. From the very beginning she has been a huge support in my blogging endeavours and even created a pendant just for me (pictured below). It turns out that we only live one hour from each other. Small World.

Seeing as Jennifer is the professionally trained artist, I will allow her to describe what makes her tick in her own words…

Current Works of Glass Frit PendantsI love creating jewelry as it is like little art sculptures that make people smile. I get the same satisfaction from a unique necklace as from one of my bigger sculptures. Going between jewelry and glass sculpture keeps my mind focused on the smallest detail and the overall mood of every piece.

The dance of light and glass is a reminder of sunlight on water. My work tends to focus on optimism with a nod to the struggles of humans and nature. This is glass work that is contemporary and original; all designs and patterns are my own creation. No two pieces are ever the same as my creativity comes from my admiration for the unique and fresh.

I am happiest singing in my studio while cutting glass and creating new designs from my imagination. Following my passion makes me smile. When people like what I create it makes me smile even more.

Recently, Current Works was placed on the prestigious “Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour” taking place Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend in Clayton, Blakeney, and Almonte Mississippi Mills. Detailed information is available on their site (see Step 4b). Or, stay updated on this and two upcoming events (in November) by liking Current Works Facebook Page.

As mentioned, I am the fortunate owner of one of Jennifer’s pieces of art. As luck would have it, the necklace arrived the morning that we were leaving for our annual summer camping trip in Algonquin Park (post to follow shortly).

When she originally asked me what colour I wanted, I told her to surprize me and she sure did, by reading my mind! My favourite colours are yellow, orange and red and my passion for the outdoors began when I was a child. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find that this was all mine.

I put it on right away but thought that I wouldn’t keep it on because it would bother me or I would fear that it would get damaged. That time never came as I didn’t even realize that I was wearing it until the compliments started rolling in…

The fused glass pendant comes on a silver plate bail with a ribbon and raffia necklace and each one is initialled on the back. Note that Jennifer sent me two necklaces so that I could switch things up depending on the occasion. Red for day, Black for night or the other way around?

Be sure to visit the Current Works of Glass Etsy Shop for details and Support Canadian!

Don’t forget to contact me regarding YOUR Feature. Read this post or click the “I Am Canadian” logo in my left sidebar for additional information.

And Now for The “I Am Canadian” Linky…

If you are Canadian or have a Canadian Product, Cause, Blog, or other Canadian related item, then you are officially invited to add yourself to this Linky. Please leave a comment or email me (journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com) if you have any questions.

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9 thoughts on “Current Works of Glass Jewellery is One of A Kind (Canadian Feature)

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    Oh wow, I just visited their website and Etsy shop and found some seriously amazing creations! I love the piece she designed for you, it’s just gorgeous!

    This is such a fabulous new feature – LOVE IT! Thank you for the linky, too – awesome!! 🙂


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