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Are You One of the Lucky Giveaway Winners?

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Today’s post is a compilation of great companies and products, congratulations and thanks. This post is jam packed (pun intended) with items that we’ve recently acquired. Maybe you’ll find some items to put under this years Christmas tree.

1. Smuckers Gift Basket
Smuckers All Natural Ingredients Jam
Every summer, we load up The Zoo and spend the day on the St. Lawrence River enjoying the breeze, playing in the shallow waters and watching the boats go by. Every year, I manage to forget half the items necessary for us to eat. No more!The Zoo won a really sturdy and family-sized picnic basket with all the fixings for two adults; wine opener, forks, knives, spoons, plates and even real wine glasses. The Adult Zoo will now be eating in style.

The prize package also included three x 390g jars of jam; fieldberry, summer fruit and wild berry. I like that the jam is made with all natural ingredients so I don’t need to worry about feeding it to the kids (if there’s any left). Even though we already had a Smuckers open (it’s our brand), Ed insisted that for the sake of integrity that we open one up so that he could give you his opinion. I’ll let you know what he thinks when he’s done (he’s on his third sandwich).

2. Facebook Giveaway Wall.
Don’t forget that our Tuesday Facebook Giveaway Wall is Open and Everyone is Welcome. Please hop on over and post your Canadian and Family Friendly giveaways or Enter to Win!

Wooden Pyrography Bookmark

3. BK Inspired.
If you’re looking for something truly unique look no further then the artistry of BK Inspired.

Not only is Maya a friend and big supporter of The Zoo but she is also Canadian. You might remember her work from her participation in the Great Canadian Blog Bash in honour of Canada’s birthday.

If you live in or around Toronto, check out BK Inspired wares at the Durham Craft and Gift Show (Ontario, Canada) the weekend of October 19-21 and add some style to your life. She has much more than bookmarks but regardless, your books will thank you!

P.S. I am the proud owner of the bookmark pictured.

4. And the Winners of our last bunch of giveaways are:

  • PRK Products -> Amy Lynn Desrosiers
  • Pura-Kiki -> Rab Pom
  • Handstamped Pendants -> Rara Romp
  • Current Works of Glass -> Jen. M.
  • Moey’s Music Party -> Jennifer A.
  • Headbands from Little Sweetie Clips -> *Katherine W.
  • Printable Digital Paper Packs from Shery K Designs -> *Maggie M.
  • Worry Locket from GhostShip -> Avery J-P.
  • Bird’s Nest Pendant from HandMade Treasures -> Crystal D.
  • Personalized Party Items from Candy Coated -> Shari G.

* Unconfirmed.

5. I won the “Refresh my Nest” giveaway.
Shauna from “Satori Design for Living” posted her giveaway to my Facebook Wall (as mentioned above) and I ended up winning. I am so excited to share with you some update ideas for our drab kitchen. Note that I will be more embarrassed to show you pictures of my kitchen than my toilet. The sacrifices I make.

6. DailyReflections, Fine Art Photography PrintsDaily Reflection Photography

I want to make one thing very clear, I should not be taking pictures of pictures. You could probably leave it at “I should not take pictures” but you get my drift.

Having said that, here are six super cool photos that I won from Daily Reflections.

Technically, I only won two but Sivylla sent me six because she’s like that. Stop by DailyReflections Etsy Shop and see what it’s like to wake up to Greece’s Reflections every day. Sign me up!

7. Thank you, Whoever you Are!
Someone has been adding our giveaways to contest linkies all over the place. We don’t know who it is but we just wanted to say, “Thank you very much, we notice and appreciate your support!”. Note that my BFF, Rene has been graciously helping me with adding my contests to linkies, however, this is not her work.

What Have You Won Recently?

9 thoughts on “Are You One of the Lucky Giveaway Winners?

  1. Rene Beaubien

    I won: Olivers Labels school pack (from CountryMouseCityMouse), Totbrush (from DoesMommyLoveIt?), Copy Kids DVD (from Simply Stavish), Happiest Baby and Toddler on the Block DVD (from Ottawa Mommy Club). These were not really all recent, but over the past couple of months! So far what I have received has been pretty cool!!
    Jealous too for some of your wins – neat stuff!

    1. Rene Beaubien

      Note I did NOT win the Current works of Glass or Handstamped Pendant giveaways that I was REALLY eager to win, on a blog I won’t mention. Congrats to those who did..I guess 😉

  2. Tara

    I won Olivers labels couple months ago and just recently won some Unpaper towels and a Dora outfit/online code which my daughter will love! Congratulations on your wins!

  3. Tammy

    I have had a few wins since September. The best so far is my ticket to #SCCTO, GC for MCD's, a game from Eattowingame and a CAA memebersip..


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