Monday, September 26, 2011

James Bond 007 Marathon #2 and #3

Last night we watched “From Russia with Love”. I really like the movie and rated it an “8”. It had amazing belly dancing, a deep plot (perhaps a bit too deep for my sleep deprived brain), gadgets from “Q” (although all of them were used in one scene) and there was some continuity from the previous movie (“Dr No”). Unfortunately, Ed didn’t like it as much and rated it a “5”.

The marathon continues with “Goldfinger” (1964).

To be honest, by the end of Goldfinger, I couldn’t remember enough of “From Russia with Love” to decide which one I liked better (I am my fathers’ daughter). Thankfully, several hours later, I can remember enough to give it a “7” rating. The gadgets were way better and the Aston Martin made its appearance, however, I didn’t think much of “Pussy Galore” (although you’ve got to love her name). I wish that she’d been more on James’ side. Besides, the picture of Sean Connery on the jacket front doesn’t even look like him. Ed also gave it a rating of “7”.

Ed gave the “restaurant” a “10” (he cooked his specialty peanut chicken).

And now we have a problem. We don’t have “Thunderball” (1965). We’d like to watch the movies in order, because so far, each one has mentioned the previous movie, however, we can’t wait forever to find the movie in VHS format (no, we don’t have a DVD player, well, we do on our computer but it wouldn’t be the same). I think that it’s important that we continue on or else I may forget all of the movies.

Tomorrow night, #5, “You Only Live Twice” (1967).

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