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Outset Media is More Than Just Board Games

Outset Media Canadian Board GamesWhen I was a child, I didn’t eat candy. For Halloween, I’d trade my stash with my brother in exchange for chores. Easter was better, I’d receive gifts. Puzzles were my favourite, however, I have many fond family memories of sitting around a board game and spending time together.

When I received the opportunity to share Outset Media Games with you (for a second time, I knew that I wanted to get the kids involved and,

Start a new Easter family tradition of our own.

Who better to do that with than a great Canadian company like Outset Media Games. Since 1996, they have been producing high quality entertainment that promotes learning, fun and family time. They are 100% Canadian owned and one of their many awards is the Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada (NETS) “Supplier of the Year” of which they are a five-time recipient.

It was hard to choose what to get as there was so much variety, even for kids as young as three!

We received several different sized “Create your own Puzzles”, pencil crayons, and Farm Dominos.

Outset Media Puzzles with Crayons

Artemis took to the puzzles like a fish to water. She loves them as much as I did as a child. Max enjoyed deconstructing them. The pencil crayons are triangular which made it easier for small hands to grip and kept them from rolling away. We even tried creating a puzzle with markers and it turned out great. Next up, crayons.

A really cute touch was the “this puzzle created by” label on the back of the puzzle. And an added bonus, the puzzles are for sale at the National Art Gallery Gift Shop in Ottawa!

The Farm Dominos were a hit.

Outset Media Farm Dominos

The kids loved looking at the nicely illustrated cards and calling out all the animals and their sounds. The box says that the game is intended for ages 3+, however, Sidney came over and joined in the fun and she’s just over two years old.

I look forward to playing this game with the kids for years to come.

Want something for grown ups? You have to check out their “What” game and “Canadian Trivia Family Edition” to name a few. Journeys of The Zoo is not responsible for the hilarity that will ensue.

What Board Games Does Your Family Play?

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Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

Besos, The Zoo

163 thoughts on “Outset Media is More Than Just Board Games

  1. Jayme Hennessy

    We are a home schooling family that travels a lot. Every time we stay in a timeshare for a week, we always do a puzzle together as a family. I would love to get the 3D Lenticular Puzzle – Wolf. My middle child is a Wolf Scout and I think he would really enjoy it.

  2. Monica

    It’s a tough decision, lots of great choices but since my kids are older I would choose some brain games like Mind Trap(left brain right brain), IQ and Theories and also a couple puzzles!

  3. Katherines Corner

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I hope you will add your giveaway to my win it page. I think I’d like the scavenger hunt game. It would be great with our two youngest grandchildren. Hugs!

  4. Heather!

    We LOVE puzzles! I would definitely choose one or two (or more!) jigsaw puzzles for us to do. I love the Santa’s Homework puzzle.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  5. Misfit Momma

    It’s difficult to choose with so many, but just to make sure they were games that my kids would like I would probably choose at least one of these:

    Dung Deck
    Silent But Deadly

    Yea, we’ve got a strange sense of humor over here!

    For myself I would like Keel Over or What? Girls Night Edition

  6. Jean Brinkley

    Games and puzzles. My kids are crazy for puzzles and have mastered the ones we have, and they are just getting into games. I love the Ocean Dominoes and think the kids would love to try Family Charades.


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