Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Check out all The Zoo’s Contest Winnings up to June 26, 2012

1. BowTie from Sunny Vanilla

Jen sent me the most adorable bowtie EVER. Seriously, look at Max sporting it (minus the ketchup smeared all over his face, I always swore that I’d never be one of THOSE mothers, back to the tie).

Maximilian Wearing A Bow-tie
Seriously Adorable
I ordered the plaid, seersucker, blue/green (size two yrs). It’s plenty big enough and you can’t even tell that it’s handmade (although that’s the best part!). In addition, it will go with almost everything (note to Nanna, perhaps I should have changed his shirt, you know, to maximize the “matching factor”, I’ll know for next time).

If you know a boy, he needs a tie. If he already has one, he needs another. Don’t know a boy, check out the bags and purses that Sunny Vanilla has to offer.

2. Cloth Diaper from Sew Silly

Kammie graciously gave me one of her cloth diapers.
Problem. I don’t know anything about cloth diapers (I know what you were going to ask, don’t).

I got my choice of fabric and I picked this one. So pretty!
Problem. It didn’t come with any care instructions.

Sew Silly Cloth Diaper
I emailed Kammie a few questions.
Problem Solved. She emailed me the following,

For Washing. Wash on normal cycle with cloth diaper friendly detergent. Hot water/cold rinse.
For Drying. High heat dry or line/sun dry.
For General Care. About once a month you will need to strip your diapers. After regular wash but before the dry cycle wash again this time with 5 drops of Tea tree oil. Then dry.
Insert. The insert is made to be folded in half with the free side against baby’s skin. You could triple it if needed but I think it would be too skinny that way.
More Information.
Laundry Detergent Chart available at or you can make your own detergent for super cheap (that’s what I do).

I can’t comment on quality or function because they’re the first cloth diaper that I’ve ever owned. But, all the seams are really neat and finished, the snaps are solid (I know enough that I like snaps better than velcro!) and I gave the elastic around the leg a good workout and everything looks in great working order!

Check out all the amazing fabrics, cloth diapers, slings and pouches that Sew Silly has to offer. You won’t be disappointed by the quality, price or customer service that you receive.

3. Red Cabochon Flower and White Pearl Necklace from Sodapop Designs.

Dana is a mind reader. She must be because she sent me a necklace with my favourite accent colour… red.

The flower is very intricate, or so it appears, not that I’d really know. You see, Artemis has taken ownership of the necklace, and won’t let anyone near it. Not an issue for this review because that girl knows her stuff. She loves the feeling of the pearls and keeps asking to look at herself in the mirror (note that this symptom may not be attributed to the new necklace…).

Red isn’t your colour (really, it should be)? No worries, Dana has tons of other items to wet your appetite. Check out Sodapop Designs for all your “I want to look fantastic” needs!

SodaPop Designs Flower Necklace
4. Princess Revolution CD from Moey

This is Moey’s third album and it’s all about “The Princess”. The kids (read: Max) are young enough that they couldn’t care less if Moey was singing about Princesses or Olympic Highjumping. The important part is that they love the beat and the songs don’t annoy the crap out of you as a parent that has to listen to it 1,231 times a day are catchy and even teach concepts such as counting and sharing.

Moey's Music Party Princess Revolution CD
One song even talks about having the courage to sing off key something that I totally have no idea about. I’m pretty sure that all the songs are original. If not, I was never a child.

Check out Moey’s website to learn about her previous two CD’s and “All Things Moey”.

5. Monogrammed Luggage Tags from Birds on a Line

I LOVE ALL THINGS MONOGRAMMED. Have I made myself clear?

When Sandra told me that I’d won personalized luggage tags, I was thrilled to be able to cross luggage tags off my list. When she offered to take my logo and completely “Zooify” the tag, I was awed. Talk about a happy customer!

Both sides of the tags were personalized (the back contains my name and blog coordinates) and came with plastic and black leather straps. I can’t wait to go somewhere so that I can use them. Won’t be hard to find my bags in a crowd.

Don’t travel, no problem. Birds on a Line offers gift labels and notepads as well. Besides, you could always get something for me the kids.

6. Necklace Leaf Buddy from GermanDolls

Ulla is the owner of GermanDolls and uses her German heritage as her inspiration. Her little Leafbuddies (as well as other products) are made from roving wool.

I don’t know how she does it but the colours are so vibrant. I decided to use her photograph as I couldn’t do the doll justice. The doll came with care instructions as well as a warning that “The dolls are handsewn and do have small heads” so to beware. Note that I already knew that because Ulla realized that I had young kids and sent me an email beforehand. Better to be safe than sorry.

German Dolls Necklace Leaf Buddy for Kids
Artemis and Max have enjoyed carrying their doll around and even had her sitting (on a chair) for their daily tea party. Visit GermanDolls and give the gift of “nothing says I love you like a toy made by a real person” (quoted by Ulla herself).

2 thoughts on “Check out all The Zoo’s Contest Winnings up to June 26, 2012

  1. Rae T. (Auqakuh)

    Max is criminally adorable in that tie.

    I love the luggage tags – so snazzy and you'll for sure never lose any luggage again. Not that I'm insinuating you're a luggage-loser. 😛

    I am in LOVE with the GermanDolls Leafbuddies – so precious and I just want to cuddle it.


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