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Give your Family the Sleep They Need with Gro Clock for Kids

Now that The Kids are toilet training, they’re getting up earlier to go to the bathroom and they’re not going back to sleep afterwards. Coupled with the fact that they’re not napping, I’m missing that extra sleep and so are they.I’m tired of being tired.When a friend mentioned there was a product that could help, I was excited to learn more.

GroClock Kids Alarm Clock

Gro Clock to the Rescue!

The Gro Company are the creators of this fabulous product and in Canada, it’s distributed by Oyaco. A bit about this Canadian company with a diverse range of products.

Oyaco is a Canadian distributor of innovative, safe and high quality baby, maternity and children’s products. OYACO is based in Calgary, Alberta and ships its 30 product lines to over 600 retail and online stores across the country.

Oyaco Black Logo We take a great deal of pride in the brands we represent. Sourced from countries around the world, the brands ultimately found in our portfolio have been carefully selected, tested and evaluated by a panel of peers and moms. All our products meet safety standards and governmental regulations.

Before I even saw the product, I was impressed. All the information on the outside of the box was clearly printed in English, French and Spanish! That’s the first time that I can remember seeing a kids product with all three languages.

When I saw the long and practical list of functionality, I just knew that my mornings of sleeping in were going to come true. Here are some of the key features;

Gro Clock Contents

  • Key-lock option
  • adjustable screen brightness
  • silent operation
  • energy saving daytime mode
  • Includes educational bedtime story book
  • optional digital clock and audible alarm feature
  • additional daytime/weekend sleep mode
  • can be set for periods of more than twelve hours
  • Glowing screen shows images of stars and the sun to communicate “sleep” and “wake-up” time to children
  • Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time

Three Clock Stages

The first night, we incorporated the bedtime book that accompanies the clock into our bedtime routine. The book helped the kids understand the concept and they really enjoyed being involved in picking the spot for the clock. I liked that the cord was 75″ long, because I had so many choices of where to put it. I put it up high and tied off the cord so that it’s not a chocking hazard.

The instructions were very detailed and I had to refer to them a few times. At the beginning, I couldn’t figure out how to return back to the main menu so I just unplugged it. Luckily, it doesn’t reset the clock or alarm times unless left unplugged for over three minutes. Convenient if you have to move it from one spot to another.

Funny thing, Max, herein referred to as the “Clock Setter” figured things out with only a few presses and no instructions. Hmmph.

The kids usually get up at 7am but play in their room until 8am. At which time, I get up for the day. Lately, it’s as if the kids knew that this clock was on it’s way because they’ve been getting up at 6:30am.

The clock was set for 8am. Here’s what happened…

You’ll need to turn it up because I was whispering the whole time!?

Now that we’re on Day 4 of using the clock, The Kids get it! They’re waiting for “The sun to come up” and then knocking on the door. They proudly tell me that the sun is awake and it’s time to get up.

While the kids are still learning to recognize their numbers, I love that this product can grow with them as the digital clock can be displayed or not.

The one thing that I would have changed about this product is that it doesn’t run on battery back-up. We live out in the country and have fairly frequent power outages as well, go camping every summer so it would have been convenient to use the clock in our daily routine.

Connect with Oyaco Website | Facebook | Twitter

Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

Besos, The Zoo

151 thoughts on “Give your Family the Sleep They Need with Gro Clock for Kids

    1. Rene Beaubien

      I need this! Daughter (in my face): “It’s not nighttime guys, it’s morning time!” Me: “Yes, it’s 5am so technically it’s morning…but we are still sleeping. Go away.” Boo.

  1. Hayley!

    Man, I would love one of the Keekaroo Chairs. I love the ones that are similar, but they are so darn expensive! And this GroClock would be a lifesaver!

  2. Nicole B

    Oh…so many things! Top of my list is the Gro-Egg (I’m so neurotic about the kids getting cold or too hot) or the gro-suit! My son kicks around the blankets so they never stay on!

  3. Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom

    Ooooh, they have Grobags! I would like one of those! My youngest is growing out of hers!

    I love these clocks! I actually have one for my oldest but would love to have one for my youngest as well.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  4. Bonnie Way

    We love our Bumbo. 🙂 I’ve heard great things about the grobag. And I can always use more nursing pads, especially if they are as good as Oyaco promises! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jessibeth Vicenty

    Saludos! Great Review, I don’t have kids yet, but I love all the features that it has. Especially the one that you can unplug it and still won’t reset back until 3 minutes. I know some friends that probably find this interesting. I will definitely re-direct them to your great review.

  6. K

    I’d love a Beco carrier, but my kids are old enough I’d probably gift it to a new mom. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. BeeCee

    I think the Ubbi diaper pail is cool.. simple, modern, but has a very practical use. sounds bad, but it would even be good for ‘kitty litter’ bags (that are tied up after cleaning the litter box). I’m going to post your contest to a CANADIAN CONTEST site, that has hundreds of Canadian only contests. I hope this is fine.. if not, please let me know, and I will immediately take it off. It will bring more blog views to you. Cool contest.

    1. Journeys of The Zoo

      Dear BeeCee,

      Thank you so much for stopping by, entering and leaving such a thorough comment.

      You are more than welcome to add it to any appropriate linkies. Thanks for asking.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to help out a fellow Canadian company and supporting The Zoo.

      Besos, Sarah
      Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  8. Helisa

    The dream weaver body pillow…I’m not pregnant, but my husband works out of town and I’m sure it would help me get comfy!

  9. caseykelp

    Bumbo Step Stool would be neat…my niece and nephew love to be right there with you whenever you are doing something in the kitchen, this would allow them to be there and see and do it safer. Thank you for the giveaway.l

  10. Laurie P

    I’m hoping to scoop up one of these for xmas, and possibly one as a gift for a relative. This would be just perfect for my little one now to grow with. Great features, I really like that it has a key lock option, as well as a silent option setting.

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What a great clock, ideal to help persuade children to stay in bed. It’s great that it also ‘grows’ with the child as in pictures first and later numbers so the child can recognise if it is time to get up or not.

    1. admin

      Dear Elizabeth,

      This clock has really helped The Kids and myself get more sleep!

      It is such a pleasure to receive each and every one of your thoughtful comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts with my followers and I. It really makes my day.

      Besos, Sarah


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