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Sadieloohoo Is Miss December (Canadian Feature)

Sadieloohoo I Am Canadian Feature December

I’m Miss December. I’m Miss December at Journeys of The Zoo!

Those were the first words written by Connie from SadieLooHoo when she agreed to be Journeys of The Zoo I Am Canadian Feature for December. She really needs to get out more.

Connie made my smile hurt with her funny and smart post and I’m sure she’ll have you laughing too. I hope that you will show her your support by reading and commenting.

Here’s what she had to share…

Ok, I may be being a little dramatic! I have to say, this is my very first “Guest Post” ever. I read through other guest posts wondering what I should be “sharing” with everyone. I read the November guest post from My Life After Kids and I thought……oh my gosh, Miss November is incredible!! She is like the fall foliage here in Ontario. She is that rare magenta leaf that clings to the tree for all to see and marvel at.

Then I think to myself……I’m Miss December……who is she? Is she the wisp of cold air making the house drafty? Or, is she like the fun and joy of a present under the tree? So, I wondered and pondered all this. Alas, I must stop pondering, wondering and in essence……delaying! Sarah told me I had to be quick in putting this post together……I had three days to get this written and now I only have two. Save to draft while I ponder some more.

Should I write about the best compliment I ever received? I remember it well. A relative looked down at me oddly and said “You are just like your mother, you are an enigma”.

enigma An enigma?

I could not let her know that I did not have a clue what that meant.

Quickly locate a dictionary.

Enigma: a noun. 1. A person or thing that is puzzling, mysterious or difficult to understand. 2. A riddle or paradox. 3. A conundrum. Oh my gosh!! Really? Really? This is so exciting. However, it makes it very difficult to figure out who I am. Save to draft while I ponder this some more.

It snowed here a couple of days ago. It is so beautiful and just what we needed to bring my household into the Christmas spirit. This 128 year old farmhouse (sans the farm) loves to get dressed up for Christmas! We are just starting to dress her halls and staircases with burlap and lace……my 5 boys do not seem overjoyed with the lace part……but I am! The rustic burlap with the exquisite lace makes me smile. In 2 weeks time the three eldest daughters will be heading home for the holidays. Oh the baking and eating that will be enjoyed by all of us. The tables will be creaking under the strain of the turkey, veggies and treats galore!! I can hardly wait……but I am procrastinating again……I really must spend a little time on the “guest post”. I’m just really not sure what to share……But, right now I must sew up Sadie’s Christmas dress because I know that once her older sisters arrive home there will be no time for sewing as Sadie’s time will be taken up being spoiled by her sisters……oh to be 3 again. I’ll think about the post later on……

peasant top with lace
It never fails……I walk into the sewing area and a wonderful vintage fabric catches my eye.

What should be made with this lovely piece???? A dress for sure, but, should it be for Sadie or should it go to the Shop?

Should it be bustled, or just ruffles……will I add lace or a corset belt……maybe just a plain simple piece so the fabric is all that is seen. My sewing style is what I call “Vintage Inspired” Children’s clothing. I sew for girls in sizes 12 months to 6. I sew for this size/age group because, for me, it is the most fun……but who knows maybe as Sadie grows I will find the next age group just as fun. I would love to have you visit me at my etsy shop……you know, IF, perhaps you are like me and are putting off things you are supposed to be doing……you can find many distractions in the etsy shops……just sayin’…

Just wait until I tell Darren (my husband) that I am Miss December! (Yes I am still glamorizing it all) He will smile for sure. He will think it is fitting……he tells me I am beautiful even when I am not! He helps me cope with life and keeps me sane. He reminds me to laugh and smile even when I do not want to! I love to watch him read the kids a bedtime story……it takes him forever! Sometimes I wish he would hurry up……read a shorter story, not linger so long over the pictures……it’s no wonder they pick him to put them to bed at night and not me. The kids just don’t understand……after he tucks them away……he will come and read to me……

I have put the inevitable off long enough! I am going to sit here and write this post……there are only a few hours left to send this to Sarah and make my dream of being “Miss December” a reality! I just wish I could find the words, something that will make me sound fun and intriguing……make you want to come visit me in my little corner of the blog world……

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  1. Elva Roberts

    Connie’s post is so delightful. I loved reading it and laughing to myself all through it. I would love to read another post from her-what about Miss Valentine –she could probably do quite a post on that.


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