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Recognizing Those That Give To Others — United Way Ottawa Awards Gala #uwhero

United Way Ottawa Awards Gala 2015-LogoEvery once in a while, the small and insignificant problems in my life put me in a funk. Nothing that a few chats with friends can’t fix. I mean, in the large scheme of things, getting my credit card cancelled (due to charity donations, post coming), isn’t important. However, this week, I got an extra boost when I attended a local, annual charity event.

United Way Ottawa Community Awards Gala

For three hours, I was surrounded by people interested in supporting others in need and celebrating those that give a portion of their lives to do just that. Some charities and people that were publicly recognized were;

But there was even more to the night than just awards.

  1. The highlighted charity for the evening was Russell Heights Community House Summer Achievement Gap program. The aims to reduce the literacy gap for at-risk youth. When the evening was done, $13,860 had been raised that will benefit 77 kids in the program.United Way Ottawa Awards Gala 2015-Russell Heights1
  2. Sarah** gave us the first glance at the United Way buttons for this years Ottawa Gay Pride Parade & Festival scheduled to take place August 14 to 23, 2015.United Way Ottawa Awards Gala 2015-Pride Buttons
  3. During the event, I walked around “table-bombing” in the search of finding charities that are in need of my support. I met;
    • Terry from supports The Men’s Project* is a non-profit charitable men’s counselling agency that has been providing services to men and their families since 1997. He informed me that they have lost funding and may have to close their doors,
    • Adam who donates his time to Shepherds of Good Hope,
    • Sara from Russell Heights Community House (the group I mentioned in #1 above).
  4. I was fortunate to sit at a table with some new faces; Amy, Sarah, Simon, Liliane as well as some familiar faces in Sherrie-Mae at Good Karma Baby, Amanda from Maven of Mayhem and Sarah from It’s All About Me.
  5. And last but not least, the food was incredible. So much so that I ate 2.5 appetizers and 4 buns (which I thought was dinner), then, when dinner actually came, I ate an additional 2 buns (which I got from other tables until Sherrie-Mae got more for our table) and a chocolate mousse dessert. But that wasn’t all. The servers thought that a person with nut allergies was at our table so they kept coming over offering us a delicious fresh fruit option. I didn’t eat one (at the time), because I wouldn’t have taken food from someone that needed it. However, by the end of the night, there were extras so (unprompted), one of the servers brought one over for me. Either because he thought that I was hungry, he was just that kind, I was very passionate about how much I’d love one or a mixture of all three. I’m pretty sure that this was a case of “you had to be there” but if you’d like to see each of the 3.5 courses, email me and I’ll send you (half eaten) pictures of them all.United Way Ottawa Awards Gala 2015-Dessert

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Over the years, I’ve felt overwhelmed when thinking about how I could make a difference in the world. I saw people saving lives in other continents, building homes for those without and donating their hard earned salaries. Given my life, they all seemed unattainable to me. Then I remembered a question that I heard a long time ago, How do you eat an elephant? And then I remembered… one bite at a time.

So that’s why I started a personal charity campaign called Changing the World — One Dollar a Day #1DollarADay. Perhaps this post includes a charity that resonates with you or maybe there is one out of the 365 that will be listed in my charity post. No matter where you find your inspiration, remember, you can make a difference.

How Do You Put Life in Perspective?


*Note that all these organizations support online donations. We will be making a contribution to them as part of our Changing the World — One Dollar a Day #1DollarADay campaign.

**Sarah works for United Way and also blogs about a menagerie of interesting and heartfelt topics over at It’s All About Me. It was Sarah that invited me to this and the previous United Way Charity Event.

10 thoughts on “Recognizing Those That Give To Others — United Way Ottawa Awards Gala #uwhero

  1. René

    This is so key… bite (or dollar) at a time. There are so many great organizations in need that it can be overwhelming, but each of us can make a difference!

  2. Carla

    Beautiful post. It really is one ‘bite’ at a time. Every little bit counts. I love how much was raised as well as the awareness. It sounds like you had a wonderful time (especially with all those buns!)
    Carla recently posted…Kika The Upside-Down GirlMy Profile

  3. Louise

    How do you eat an elephant? I’d never heard that phrase before but love it! I also got to go to this event, thanks to Andrea Tomkins, it was SO very uplifting and a great night. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many that just wanted to make a difference and help.
    Louise recently posted…Salad DramaMy Profile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Louise,

      Too bad we didn’t officially meet. I (think that) I came up to your table asking for something (might have been buns, smile) and then I was off in search of Charity tables. Next time.

      So happy to hear that you had such a great time. I’m always inspired by all that people do for others. There are so many great people out there and I’m fortunate to know a lot of them.

      Besos Sarah.
      Sarah recently posted…Music — A Lifelong Companion #iamcanadian My Profile

  4. Debbie S.

    You are always so giving Sarah! Sounds like you had a great time. Going over to check out your campaign Changing the World — One Dollar a Day #1DollarADay.


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