Thursday, March 13, 2014

How the Purchase of Orange Limes Made me An Honourary Mexican

Orange Limes Mexico

I’m not sure what these fruits are called in real life but around here they call them “Orange Limes” which interestingly is a good name for them. You’d be surprised.

You see, Mexicans often use funny names for things.

Take limes for insistence. Limes are limones and Lemons are Limas. Sounds backwards to me. And it is if you’re Panamanian. There, Limes are called limas and Lemons are called Limones. Do I have you thoroughly confused? Imagine living here.

I didn’t actually remember that these existed because I haven’t seen them and/or purchased them in a few years. Everyone always buys the green limes and that’s that. The reason why I bought them was because green limes went up today to 30MXN a kilo ($3) from around $15 (which is still twice as high as usual). The horror!

So, instead of buying them, I did what any Mexican would do; turned up my nose, shook my head and said “What? How expensive!”. Then, the old ladies in the shop heard me and asked “How much?” and then they too shook their heads. Then, we all talked about how expensive things were. And so goes the circle of conversation around here.

Truth be told, I could care less. However, I didn’t want to let them know that. I’m so honoured that they’ll have this bit of “gossip” chat with me that I don’t want anything to break the magic.

So, I bought the orange limes. And they’re sweet. And juicy and taste like a mix between a lime and an orange (funny that). And at less than 1/2 the price of green limes, it looks like we’ll be using them for the time being. Or until tomorrow when the price of green limes goes down again.

If Mexicans are anything, they’re creatures of habit. And I am an honourary Mexican.

Ever Do Anything To Earn Yourself An Honourarium?

16 thoughts on “How the Purchase of Orange Limes Made me An Honourary Mexican

  1. Soozle

    How cool 🙂 I will be down in Mexico in just over a weeks time, so I will have to look for one of these as I am quite fascinated 🙂

  2. Rene

    I love it! So you eat them like you would oranges, or ‘cook’ with them like you would limes? Either way it’s great that you had that magic moment and totally worth an upcoming meal-of-uncertainty!

  3. Susan T.

    I am intrigued by these! It sounds like they are the best of both worlds so they would be super handy to have around. I haven’t seen them here though!

  4. Ali P

    Would love to try those! Never seen them when I was in Mexico a few years ago. When we go back with the kids, I’ll have to try and find them!

  5. Elva Roberts

    Well, my husband and I ‘adopted’ our stepgrandson as our latest grandson because we knew him from a young child and he was treated the same as our regular grandchildren-bought him gifts for his birthdays and Christmas and made him lots of Chocolate Chip Cookies so I consider him our honourary grandson so that would make us honourary grandparents, I think. He is a wonderful young man, went through University on a scholarship and will continue his post-graduate studies on a scholarship as well and we have bragging rights as honourary grandparents-one of the perks of being any kind of grandparents!


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