Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Week in Review with Some Fairies Thrown In

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Last week was a busy week.We met up with some Fairies, edited a paper and hosted a ton of giveaways to name a few.

Never a dull moment at The Zoo.

And now for The Zoo’s Week in Review…

MONDAY: The kids haven’t been officially (or even unofficially) weighed since their second birthday (December 11, 2011). In one year and four months they’ve both gained exactly five pounds (Max weighs 30lbs and Artemis is 28.5lbs). We’ve got to stop feeding them so much.

We also posted a Giveaway for Chewelry. A chew and sensory necklace for kids. Artemis loves hers and uses it every day.

TUESDAY: Since last June, every Tuesday, we open up our Facebook Wall to the Public so that they can promote their giveaways. Not only does this support our peers but it collects a ton of Canadian and Family Friendly giveaways all in one place. Be sure to check back weekly for a new post (link is in my sidebar to the left) and Enter to Win!

WEDNESDAY: We got a visit from the Fairy HobMother! If you’re a believer, be sure to fly over and leave a comment so that He (yes, He) might visit you too.

We added the “editor” hat to our resume when we issued our first “Ottawa Weekly Newsletter” (from I use the term editor very loosely. Want to stay updated on what’s going on? Check out this weeks news and hit the red “Subscribe” button while you’re at it.

THURSDAY: Last week was our first (virgin) Weekly BlogLovin Hop. We made a bunch of new friends and hope that you’ll link up this week as well. At the very least, you’ll make a new friend in me. Be sure to watch for it every week. If you want to be reminded of it, please leave me a comment below.

The day ended off with a bang, I mean fire when Uncle Eric came over and I cooked. Enough said.

FRIDAY: Our usual April snow storm came through and the freezing rain had us freezing inside. Literally and figuratively as we ran out of oil and was waiting for a delivery. That came. Thankfully.

With all this time on our hands (ha!), we posted two reviews and a giveaway for Boogie Wipes and Pampers Kandoo. No kids? If you have hands, you can use these products!

SATURDAY: Rene et al., came over for a mock birthday party (review coming soon) and we posted a Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat giveaway.

I’m exhausted just thinking about this coming week.

No rest for the wicked. Anyone know the origin of this saying?

How’s Your Week Shaping Up?

5 thoughts on “The Week in Review with Some Fairies Thrown In

  1. Shari G

    Yay for a visit from the fairy hobmother, and boo for the crappy snow storm. We had it here too, and barely survived having the boys home 2 days in a row.


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