Monday, January 21, 2013

A Taste of Life in Mexico

Santa Domingo Market San Cristobal

You have been asking us questions about what our day-to-day looks like so I thought I’d answer your questions and give you a taste of life in Mexico.

Question One: What does your day look like?
As for the kids and I, it’s a blank slate. We never know what’s going on until it happens. An impromptu parade in front of our house or a musical session in the park. Not to mention friends showing up with news of a birthday, wedding or other event (yes, we are notified THAT DAY of said events. Not because they don’t know that it will be happening — weeks in advance but because otherwise their guests will forget. Note that said friends are Mexican). We try and get out every day, not a tough feat given the amazing weather. Even if it’s just to go to our local fruit vendor to buy bananas (we eat 1 to 1.5 kilos a day!?).

Question Two: How do you stay connected?
For the first two years, our neighbour (a foreigner) gave us her network password and we had things really geeked out. Internet and a phone line. Our VOIP line would even ring on a real phone (as opposed to just on the computer, requiring us to be sitting in front of it to know that someone was calling)! Then she moved and our new neighbour wasn’t so generous. Let’s just say that we’re happy that he isn’t dumping his garbage on our property anymore… So, for the past five years, we’ve been using the internet café down the street. When he’ open. Which isn’t usually when we “says”he’ll be open…Calle Guadalupe San Cristobal

Question Three: Clay Roofs?
Roofs are generally made of clay tiles called teja’s (pronounced tay-ha) or poured cement (slab). We have both on our place. The closest teja roof (pictured in Wednesday’s post) is our building. The main house is poured slab.

Question Four: How long are you gone for?
We are usually in Mexico for 13 weeks (plus one week on either end for travel). During this time, Ed usually goes back to Canada, at least once (he is currently in Canada as you are reading this). Our return is just before or after March Break depending on when our crystal ball predicts the last major snow fall. Last year we drove into Windsor and it was 28 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, we were not dressed appropriately (Uggs and Winter hats with earflaps anyone?).

Santa Domingo Church San Cristobal

Question Five: How much does it cost to live there?
Let me start by saying that there is a real misconception that living in Mexico is way less than in Canada. Some things are definitely less, however, most things are the same or more! As mentioned in our no pesos debacle, we spend roughly $600USD a month. This does not include our travel costs or insurance, rent, gas, restaurants, clothes or anything besides basic living. Those things cost real money! To live an existence, “comparable to Canada”, you’d need at least $1,200. Oh, and don’t forget to factor in bank fees and exchange rates. No banks here accept travellers cheques (smile).

 A Taste of Life in Mexico?

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Life in Mexico

  1. Rene Beaubien

    What kinds of food do you eat? I’m sure it’s different than what you prepare at home.
    And I know that San Cristobal is in the mountains so what are the temps like? It’s not like Cancun weather, to be sure!
    Do the kids speak lots of Spanish while there?


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